450 DA 1997 Model Year 139,000

I've been watching this thread.....best to you Tommy. The 450 is one of the coolest boats Sea Ray ever made.
Congratulations !

"ps. I also will be watching Frank Webster's comments as I've mentioned before ( how does he do it )? Maybe his last name tells the story. Isn't Webster a version of the dictionary?"

However, when I think of Frank Webster, Brittanica comes to mind.

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Our 450 sold today to a nice family who will take good care of her.I want to thank the members on this site for 9 years of help and advice while sharing the wonderful experience of owning one of the best boats on the water.
That said I will continue to monitor the site mostly every day to see If I can be of assistance as many have done for me.
Many Many Thanks,
Endless Seas

ps. I also will be watching Frank Webster's comments as I've mentioned before ( how does he do it )? Maybe his last name tells the story. Isn't Webster a version of the dictionary?


Congrats on selling!
Congrats Tommy! I figured it would go quickly as Spring approached. Good luck on the next phase of your life.
So far I'd like to thank everyone for there kind thoughts, congrats and well-wishes on our 450 sale.
What a great crew we have on this site (-:

Again thank you,
Great to hear Tommy! Congrats and congrats to the new owners of a fine Dancer!
The new owner of our/his 450 pulled the boat to get some detailing done and man it looks good.Is it possible to be sad and happy at the same time?

Very cold nights here in Maryland.So cold they have the shore water trickling from the pedestals. They are not taking any chances and what crazy weather we have had this year.Looks like spring is gonna take its time.
Hi Tommy did you ever sell your 450DA?

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The nice couple that purchased our boat several months ago keeps it about five slips down from us.As I was walking buy I noticed it was just detailed and looked great and it looked huge.
Funny how a few months changes your perception on things.I am pleased to know he is taking good care of her as we did.

Safe boating,

The guy who purchased our 450 is several slips down from us and we get to see her go by often.On Saturday he slowly idled by as we sat on our newly built Aqua Lodge front porch. I have to say to this day our 1997 450 is one great looking boat! Even after 9 years of owning her she is timeless.
Well with 16,030 hits we have been bumped to the second page on the for-sale listings. Not too bad for a 97 450 (-:

Thanks to all who still take a peek.

Tommy, That was/is a beautiful boat and maintained to the hilt and then some! You did a great job, JC
Just dropping a line to wish all of you a great Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas. It's hard to believe it's almost here and before you know it....... SPRING
Hello all,
Well the guy who purchased our 450 had a leak in one of the fuel tanks so the boat was pulled and he decided to have both replaced.The whole back deck was removed as well as the cockpit sofa and both engines and the repairs have begun. I about died when I saw this undertaking and felt bad for the new owner but I guess at 20 years old there is bound to be issues.He loves the boat and will take good care of her. Our name is still on the boat which he is changing this season and I mentioned to him to partake in the re-naming ceremony ( this is vital).


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