450 DA 1997 Model Year 139,000

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Feb 13, 2008
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1997 450 DA
Cat 420
BoatOnWater.jpgI will be posting pictures shortly and here is our description..
We have owned and maintained this wonderful fuel efficient SR for 8 seasons.She is powered by 3126 Cats w/8 kw Westerbeke just turning 1300 hours.We have put 400 of those hours on of which 100 has been at an idle to open water.
Recent upgrades:
New refrigerator/ freezer 9cf
New custom made pillow top mattress
Brand new interior carpet with padding
Interior ice-maker with pull out shelf
Brand new cockpit ice maker
Flat panel TV for cockpit
Cockpit sound system does cd,dvd,iPod and operates with an infrared eye under arch( floating remote )
Remote for arch lights when walking down pier at night just push the button and the cockpit lights up
Led lighting (cockpit and galley)
Spare new props just installed with another two for back-up
Washer/ dryer combo works like a champ
Upgraded 11 gallon water heater
New 60 amp charger with brand new batteries
One and a half bolts of original material to redo seating if ever needed
Brand new canvas
Camper canvas frame
Dinghy with St Croix roll on davits
10/6 A/B light rib w/new 20hp Tohatsu pwr trim,tilt,electric start
2000 lb waterproof winch mounted in the transom with remote to pull the dinghy up ( works great).
Fresh bottom paint in a few weeks
Note to all: Frank Webster has been a wonderful mentor and has been there for me every time I had a question.If there is anything I can say about owning a SR it has been a pleasure to own and everyones help along the way has been very much appreciated.
You can pm me with any questions or my home e-mail is:

Thank you,
Tommy Thompson


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I am extremely biased but that sure is one BEAUTIFUL boat! I bet it will be gone quickly, good luck, JC
Just a note to anyone who is thinking about our 450 and is concerned with financing I can give you info of a reputable marine lending company thats pretty good and has great rates.

Thank you,
Good looking boat! I'm back in the market and have been looking. Do you know what year they raised the arch? On the 370DA it was 1998. I'm 6'3 and the lower arch is an issue for me at the helm. Yours looks to have the lower arch.
The 450DA arch didn't change. The arch is at the back of the seat so the arch height shouldn't be a concern. The front top has adjustable bows so you can adjust the clearance under the top as long as there is enough fabric to do so. At the worst, you might have to have the front top remade to accommodate running the boat standing up.

I know this boat and you will most likely not find a cleaner or better maintained 450DA for sale.
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I had no idea that the stbd galley layout and light maple were available in '97. If I had stumbled across this boat, I'd have assumed she was a later model.

Very "cool mod" with the mid-cabin icemaker! It looks like a shot from a brochure.
Yes the Maple was a limited option for a short time and the ice -maker is really cool.Between the the cockpit ice-maker and the inside I can make just under 50 lbs per day ( how cool is that)?
Heck if it was crushed I could make a small snow man lol.
Hello all who are looking.We have now brokered the boat at Mears Point Yacht Sales in Grasonville Md.
Phone number 410-827-8888 ask for Mike Sweeney.
The boat is listed for 129k

Thank you,
From one Baltimore/Chespeake boater to another, I wish you the best of luck. If I were in the market, I'd def consider this boat --- great looking boat! Cheers, Tim.
Hello all who are looking.We have now brokered the boat at Mears Point Yacht Sales in Grasonville Md.
Phone number 410-827-8888 ask for Mike Sweeney.
The boat is listed for 129k

Thank you,

just curious, why did the price drop $10,000. when you listed it with the broker?
Just making the deal that much better.Thats as low as we are willing to go and I am NOT giving away this boat in the pristine condition that its in.At this price I will sell the dinghy separate.
The 1700.00 davits and winch system stay with the boat.
Here is the difference: you pay 100K and it needs 20,30,40k just to get her right.You buy ours and its all done (turn key)!
I just had the bottom done and new rudder packing this week.Bottom is solid as a rock and she gets splashed on Friday.
Best part was: the mechanic said (as soon as a potential new buyer sees the engine room the deal is done my gosh you can eat off the floor).
I made him use my drop cloth as not to scratch the diamond plate!

Thanks for the questions,
Tom, Your 450DA is going to make some one a great boat. Your price point is good and I believe sooner rather than later it will be prized/loved by a very happy and fortunate new owner. Good luck,
Hello fellow boaters,
It seems we have had over 2200 lookers and am surprised why we don't get more questions about her.
Is it to big,is it in to good of condition,price to high,location?Might it be going into winter thats a concern?
Feel free to contact me.

Thank you,
Also for those who may be interested our broker does take trades.This would make a nice present for 2016 (-:

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Also for those who may be interested our broker does take trades.This would make a nice present for 2016 (-:


You'll sell her but it's going to take some time. When I was shopping for a bigger boat, I looked at hundreds of boats ---- literally. As I said, if I hadn't upgraded already, i'd consider yours. I'm loving my Formula and it was a big upgrade coming from the 330DA.


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