450 DA 1997 Model Year 139,000

Hi all,
Has anyone seen or heard from FW lately? Just kinda curious how he's doing and if he's into any new projects ( boats, tractors ) etc.I do like seeing him on here he always has something good to add.(-:
Hey Tommy,

Frank is still around. I check CSR almost daily, but not much going on that I can help with these days……….

We lost a close (retired boating friend) and drove to Ft Mill SC to attend his celebration of life……..I found out there is no easy way to get there from Tennessee, nor is there an easy way to make the return trip…….20+hours in the car over one weekend.

I'm still spending some time with 'Sirens' Song', my 450DA when the new owner needs my memory on where/how we did wired or stored things. I've added a 450 Case C Dozer, a Bobcat 753 Skid steer and an L4400 Kubota to my project list. The dozer is advertised for sale, I lucked out on the Bobcat and found out the previous owner had just broe fuel pickup. He didn't understand that a diesel won't fire up or run if it sucks air into the fuel filters and pump. $32 in parts and about a day's work and it is ready to advertise for sale. We have been at the beach house the last 2 weeks getting in some beach and restaurant time for the boss before Spring break crowds get here.

Thanks for checking on me…..


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