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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Presentation, Jul 16, 2008.

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    At least he doesn't sell coke :huh::smt043:huh:
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    :smt043:smt043 I almost shot wate rout my nose...good one Wes!:smt043
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    Feb 13, 2008

    That was way funny :lol::smt043:lol:
  4. In all seriousness, have you tried using a hairdryer or heat gun (paint stripper) to ensure the igniter is thoroughly dry?

    Just a thought.........

  5. AndersonAcres

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    Oct 30, 2006
    For the pesky gaps in the camper canvas, the ones that can't be closed by adjusting the velcro or zippers, putting 'dryer cloths' like Bounce in the gap will discourage insects, including spiders. We also put them in the canvas pockets that the bimini supports pass through, as that keeps out the wasps when the sides of the canvas are off.

    When the boat's in the slip and we leave for the week, we put the dryer cloths in the sink drains and scupper drains to keep insects from coming in that way.

    At times when the wasp population was very high, we also put fiberglass window screen over the engine vents (just a temporary thing, we duct taped them on). This kept the buggers out of the engine room.

    A non-toxic insect repellent for the boat and dock is a 'tea' made from bay leaves. Let it steep in the sun and then spray it on the dock with a garden sprayer. The insects don't like and will find a more appealing part of the dock, leaving you alone for most of a weekend. Of course, rain will wash it off, so it's a temporary fix.
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    Thank you for the idea.

    I have not done that. My plan it to use a long lighter and after we cook a meal then see if it starts working again. The heat from use should dry it out.

    By the way, my holding tank level monitor just started working on its own. All I did was kept using the head then pump out, backfill ,pump out. Who knows, maybe a piece of toilet paper was wrapped around it and it finally fell off.
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    for bridge boat owners, hang wet towels up on the bridge overnight (on the bimini frame, over the back of helm seat, etc.). hot house effect will get your towels bone dry by the next morning (if you get a little bit of sun) and they wont blow away. sundancer folks can do this too but it might get in your way if you are walking around the cockpit in the evening.
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    Oct 22, 2007
    Southwest CT
    2008 205 sport. MonsterTower wakeboard tower.
    5.0 mpi (260 hp) alpha one drive with 19p ss prop.
    Im going to have to say this is a complete judgement call, depending on the sex and looks of said weather-checker:smt001
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    I'm with Bill on this one! :grin:

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