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Jan 25, 2014
Oct 3, 2006
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Mar 18, 1978 (Age: 43)
Charlotte, N.C.

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First Born

New Member, 43, from Charlotte, N.C.

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Jan 25, 2014
    1. CSMady
      I have a 2007 - 290 SeaRay Sundancer cabin cruiser. The motors are (2) 4.3L Mercruisers w/Bravo III SS dual props. I decided to change the plugs on both engines for the boat has been sluggish when getting on plane. I have never changed plugs on a marine motor before and realized that the radiator hoses in the front of the engines had to be removed in order to replace 1,2 & 3 plugs. In doing this some of the anti-freeze was loss during this process. Upon completing installing all (12) plugs I re-filled both radiator tanks and cranked up the motors. My port side engine started running hot - 190 degress, so I shut it off. The starboard engine ran fine @ the normal 165-170 degree range. Is it possible for air to get into the system where the antifreeze solution will not circulate? If so, what is the easiest way in getting any air in the system out. Never had any any issues with the motors running hot until now.
    2. Psykldoc
      Did I screw something up? I posted a question a few days ago. Unfortunately, the next day, I found a copy of it with the browser still open on my computer, so I posted it again, before I realized what I'd done. Then, when I saw the original one, I immediately started trying to delete the second one, and when I couldn't figure out how, I "edited" the text on the second posting to simply say "Sorry - erroneous post". Now, I don't see EITHER thread on the board... I don't have anything in my "messages - inbox", so I'm not sure what happened. I've been lurking on this site for a couple years now, but this was my first attempt to actually post a question.
    3. garyh1952
      May I post an ad for a want, such as an service/parts manual for my outboard? Gary Vancouver, Wa.
    4. Dutch's Treat
      Dutch's Treat
      How do I add a post? And in which forum? I'm looking for information about sound levels at the helm on a 410 EC.
      - Carl
    5. cc350
      Any reason my posts do not show up on threads? It states post to be reviewed by moderator first, but they never post. Thanks
    6. edthearcher
      new here trying to post on the forums, no luck. thought i had filled out all the required info, thanks ed
    7. NaptownLarry
      First Born,

      How long does it typically take for new posts to show up in any given forum on this site? I added a new topic yesterday morning and still don't see it posted yet?

    8. Dusty
      I would like to know if anyone has installed the XK Glow LED light kit on their boats-specifically 220SD. If so, would love to see the layout or hear where they placed the lamps. thanks,
    9. aftrhours
      First Born,

      I am new here, how do I post my props for sale in the classified section?
    10. TGIF
      Hi First Born,
      Would it be inappropriate for me to mention that I have produced a fishing CD. Its my first production (other than singles) and would like to get feedback. You can take a look at
      Talk to you soon,
    11. tollycraft
      I am looking for a 27 foot sea ray weekender early 90's. I would prefer a boat with twin straigt inboards but not sure if sea ray makes a boat that small with twin inboards. Does anyone know if they do?

    12. GarynNancy
      Second question from GarynNancy. Has anyone replaced the 22' round table on deck with a larger table? If so, what did you replace the table with?
    13. GarynNancy
      New member with a questions. We have a 260 Sundancer, year 2000. We need information on the combination alcohol/electric stove. We get very low heat from a newly installed burner. Has anyone else had problems with their stove and if so, how did you resolve problem?
    14. Libby718
      I should not have posted my name and phone number. Will you please delete my name and number. I am sorry for the trouble. Post date and time is the same for this message. Its in the classified adds for parts. Thank You
    15. boltman
      First born, Please delete my account, I am leaving CSR...It's been nice, but there's one immature person on here, that can't seem to control himself...Thanks again, and Good bye
    16. patvb
      I'm trying to match upholstery on a 1989 180 Seville? Can anyone advise where I can find a match.
    17. Theresamarie11
      Hi, can you tell me how to access the restricted area please?
    18. billandamy

      I am so sorry to bother you, but I feel the couple of threads I have going should be moved to holding tank, and should not be in tiki bar. I think the subject matter belongs in the holding tank away from the main discussion pages.

      I feel it would be better for CSR to do so, as the tiki bar, with these left over threads from when it was originally the holding tank are too much for a main section.

      Up to you, but I would agree to it and feel it would be best for the site.
    19. Jackie J V
      Jackie J V
      Hi there,
      Can I change my user name or is it just easier to sign-up again?

      I signed on a couple of months ago as "Interested in a 560", as I was doing research. Now that I've bought a 560, I wanted to change to the boat name "Jackie J V".

      Thanks in advance for your help,
    20. 1978 SRV240
      1978 SRV240
      Is my thread being deleted or am I posting it wrong?? Thanks
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    Mar 18, 1978 (Age: 43)
    Charlotte, N.C.
    Boat Info:
    2006 185 Sport
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    Sea Ray
    4.3 L 190 HP


    2006 Sea Ray 185 Sport; 4.3L 190HP
    Alpha One
    Charlotte, North Carolina

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