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May 22, 2023
    1. Hamzeh
      Hello I am looking for 95 sea ray carburetor, am been searching online but no luck if anyone can help will be appreciate it find it I got some pictures for it
    2. RichTurn
      Not having any response from original poster nor 'Ask Captain', hoping you can help!
      Post #1711 from discussion in 'Sport Yachts/Yachts' that describes, with photos, re-routing galley sink to discharge directly to thru-hull rather than to sump. However, the photo links are dead now, although they worked last year - any chance Admin can recover please?
    3. Escape Cay II
      Escape Cay II
      How can I remove or edit a post I made?
    4. Kyle Unterseher
      Kyle Unterseher
      Hello admin. Is it possible to change/alter my CSR user name? I’d like to have something better than my actual name.
    5. John Roubal
      John Roubal
      Hello Admin - please close my account. I haven't had the boat in a year and would like less presence on the WWW. Thank you.
    6. Dustin Brewer
      Dustin Brewer
      Afternoon! I would like to change my profile name if possible? Thanks in advance!
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    7. electricaldoctor
      Hi Jim,
      When I renewed my Platinum subscription last month, I have yet to receive my XXL shirt & burgee. I am just checking to see if it was ever shipped or still sitting in the Covid backlog.
      Ken Edwards
      2224 Woodburn Road
      Joyceville, Ontario
      K0H 1Y0
      1. electricaldoctor
        I have yet to hear back from anybody about this. I renewed back in May of this year. Ken
        Sep 7, 2021
    8. Korkie
      I have changed my email address from korkie@md.metrocast.net to kjklear1984@gmail.com in the only place i can find. I am still getting notifications on the old address. Is there somewhere else I need to change it? Thanks, Korkie
    9. Cathy Thompson
      Cathy Thompson
      Please close my account... just not using this forum and need less exposure on the web
    10. Midi0916
      Can I sell a boat on Searay for a $25.00 Silver sponsorship or do I need to purchase the $40.00 Classified?"

      Thank You
    11. NickHadel
      Hi, is there a way to change my profile name? I’ve been told that an admin can do it for me. Thanks
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    12. DB360
      Hello Jim,
      Just wondering if I can ask the forum what brand of GPS unit they have resently purchased? As I'm in the market. But I didn't want to post something that was not to be asked.
      Thanks in advance!
    13. BigDog9721
      how do you embed an image in a signature or a post? i can't seem to get it right!!!
    14. chuck1
    15. stwischu
      I would like to close my account and delete all my content and photos. Facebook allows this as do other social media sites. How do I do this?
    16. Rhondda Beddis
      Rhondda Beddis
      Hi, I no longer have a SeaRay and would like to close/remove my account - how do I do this please?
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    17. Mer-Sea Monster
      Mer-Sea Monster
      How do I add a picture of my boat to my profile? Thank you.
    18. superwa
      Hi there. in the past few weeks the emails with alerts stop having the preview of the post, so now I have to log in every time to see the posts. Is there a setting somewhere where I can change it to seeing the previews again? Thank you.
    19. Three Seasons
      Three Seasons
      Hi, I've been a member since 2009. Why does it still say "New Member" under my name?
    20. ggiametta
      Is selling boat items allowed on the threads?
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