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  • Hi Ken,
    Like many others I followed Pietro's great thread on restoring his 390. I seem to remember during the water tank discussion you mentioned that you planned to change out the tank on your 390. This week I started to do the same with my own 1988 390 and I have a question. I'm thinking there must be some type of tube that goes from the half inch outlet fitting down to the bottom of the tank to allow water to be pulled up by the pump? If so, is it alluminum and part of the fitting or some type of plastic? Any light you can shed is appreciated.

    David Brothers
    Chattanooga, TN
    ElectricalDoctor, love your 390! My parents had an 89 390, which was by far my favorite boat in their 40 years of boating! Still one of the prettiest boat Sea Ray ever built!
    Bryan Arnett
    Any suggestions as to trouble shooting the fresh water level indicator? I boght my used 390EX recently found the water level switch connections all connected to one spot on the switch - all lights light when tested. How do I test the sensor?
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