Yikes, that a tight squeeze!!!!!

Discussion in 'Pictures & Videos' started by jpl2407, Apr 9, 2014.

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    Very competent Skipper. Reminded me of parking a car in the UK. Very often passengers have to get out before you go into the parking space, if you can find one free that is, because otherwise once in, they can't open a door fully to get out:) Then of course you have to go and find a "Pay & Display" vending machine to buy your ticket to park and trudge half-way back across the park to display it, if not you'll get another ticket.
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    I used to see this all the time while spending summers in Greece. Its an interesting concept because who knows if there will be a 30 or 130 foot boat docking. Some boats only spend a couple of nights and are never to be seen again. So the marina design is very versatile. The funniest sight was when the owner of a turd boat would get out and oversea the multimillion dollar yacht pulling in, making sure their boat wasn't damaged. AS IF..... Im glad I have port and starboard walkways keeping those unwanted neighbors away... Oh and for those that ask, they do drop anchor every time. Those that have a permanent space might set a big concrete block instead of dropping anchor every time. Much more complicated from the docking we are used to in this country.
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    I've only Med Moored this boat once, but unfortunately it was the first weekend we'd picked her up in Portland after she was recommissioned. No problems backing it in because I took it REAL slow and had people on the boats on both sides of me in case things got out of hand. The current in the Columbia played a small role in the backing in, but not that bad. It was accomplished with no damage to anyone's boat or anyone's pride/ego.
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    Bow and Stern thrusters are key to Med Mooring! It can be done without them, but with them it certainly makes things easier.
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    Id have a hard time with that and I have a 17' boat
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    Hello to all,

    Believe me it is not that difficult, once you get it right the first time ;)

    In Med (Greece is where I sail) the trick is to drop the anchrol while still (if possible not moving the boat at all), be sure the anchor has done its job and you feel the resistance from the bottom, try to backup few meters to be sure, after this is done, all you have to do is this:

    keep throttle back/anchor down, throttle back/anchor down, throttle back/anchor down while always making sure that there is resistance in the anchor line and you feel that the boat is controled. If the above situation is true then the boat will move where the steering wheel is turned at all times as far current and wind is concerned.... I know it sound complicated, but it is easier than it sounds :)
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    Never liked it...

    I saw this all over Hawaii...Disappointing, as it really doesn't keep you secure. I look at it like an old traditional way to design a marina and no effort to update it. I imagine change is as slow in the Med as it is in Hawaii... I want to see it changed - I want to see them design more capacity.

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