WTB A 1987 Sea Ray 270 Sundancer

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  1. mkultra

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    Jun 6, 2008
    TC, MI
    220 CC
    5.7 260hp Mercrusier Alpha i gen I
    Moved this to here seems like a better fit for my question

    I am looking to upgrade from my 1989 Sea ray 220 CC to a 1987 Sundancer 270

    It has the infamous twin Mercruiser 470 170hp/3.7L engines

    The boat exterior and cabin etc look to be in really good shape and clean. The boat has lots of extras including a Dinghy, windlass anchor etc

    The motors and engine bay are very clean well maintained. The owner also appears to be a guy who has all of the work done by a mechanic and has it regularly worked on

    The price is also seems right $11000 where the bidding stopped. I haven't paid him yet as I need to see it start and pulled out of the storage for a full 360 degree inspection this week. What I have seen so far I am quite excitied to buy BUT:

    I'm scared though and having second thoughts the more I read people bash the engines? :huh:

    Anybody have any positive stories with a similiar set up?
  2. PostTime

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    Mar 2, 2011
    Ohio River Louisville, KY
    1987 Sea Ray 300 Weekender
    7th Sea Ray in family since 1976
    twin 260 HP Mercruiser Inboards
    Good power for 4 cylinder engines. They are a bit noisy. My preference would be V6 or V8 power, but if the price is right and the boat is really nice, I think it would be fine. Good luck in your decision!
  3. Go Phish

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    Aug 8, 2010
    1986 Sea Ray 27 Sundancer DA
    I/O Twin 4 cyl Mercs
    Im picking mine up friday. I just bought a 1986 270 da with twin fourbangers. From what i have read it seams like the way to go. Its not like we are skiing behind these boats so how fast i achieve plane is irrelevant to me. Its all about the gas mileage. PLus less to replace parts.

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