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    Its like anything else.....do a pros and cons list. I've been involved with boating my entire life. Buying a boat is almost like having your first child. Your barely makin ends meet and wondering how in the hell are you going to be able to afford to feed and cloth a child and put them through school. Well...im 55 years old and for some reason It all works out. Im scared half to death with the maintenance on the boat im purchasing now but I am learning everything about this boat and what it takes to own and service this thing. I have been fortunate enough to be able to do a lot of maintenance myself. I have owned a' 24' then a 22' to a 36' and back down to a 21' Mastercraft. I do the oil, filters (gas-oil) Empeller and also the transmission oil. I have owned service manuals on all my boats and nopw we have something much much better......the internet. On this forum there are a ton of people here to help walk you through any problem you might have or any service you would like to do. My mastercraft site saved me thousands of dollars!! Literally! I think your biggest hurdle will be your wife and finding away to where she is comfortable on and in the boat. It took me years and now she loves it. She likes the bigger boats more then the smaller boats because we can make a meal, sit on the couch have a glass of wine and just relaxe. I tinker with the boat and she sits on the back with her wine and I-pad. gotta remember...happy wife happy life!
    You can always rent a boat to get the feel. Im bias because I love boats and if boats were so miserable and costly there would be no pleasure boats! Is the glass half empty or half full? Just make sure you buy well built quality boat and you already cut your costs in half!!
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