Who is watching the Republican debate?

Discussion in 'Holding Tank' started by Gofirstclass, Aug 6, 2015.

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    It's on, who is watching?

    Let's talk about who you think were the winners and losers in the debate.
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    I'm not sure we should call it a debate; rather, strictly regimented 30 second snippets for the various candidates to restate their campaign messages (especially Thump).

    I'd have a hard time voting for any of them, but some takeaways for me:

    * Jeb is a much more polished and eloquent speaker than his brother; it also seems he's sharper and more savvy (although W sets the bar pretty low).
    * I respect Christie for his ability to stick to his position on issues and defend them. (I'm not sure I agree with everything he says, but I appreciate a candidate who has thought through his views and can articulate them from all directions.)
    * Dr. Whatever His Name Is...stop wasting your time. Seriously.
    * Huckabee gave us even more proof he's a class act idiot: "the military is for killing people and breaking things." Really? I can't believe there wasn't more criticism of that; I know plenty of troops and their integrity far exceeds the desire to just kill people and break things.
    * Rand Paul has some really, really curly hair.
    * Kasich is so much like Ohio...it's a state and seems nice enough but doesn't really do much for me (sorry Ohioans :)). I did appreciate his answer on same sex marriage since he basically said he supports it without saying he supports it.
    * Rubio looked like the little kid among the old dads, and his responses were lacking confidence. His facial expression after most of his points had that, "did I say it right, Dad? Did I? Did I?" look. That said, I agreed with some of the things he said.

    Again, apart from the fireworks that erupted about national security between Christie and Paul, I just felt like I was being bombarded with the campaign messages instead of gaining knowledge on each candidates' views and how they'd run a country.

    I have voted for a Republican president always in my 16 years of being able to vote (I skipped W's #2 because I couldn't bring myself to elect him again, but I also couldn't vote for Kerry (unless his wife would give me all the ketchup)), but the Republican party/candidates are really not impressing me at the moment. Hopefully some of the early losers will fall out and in the next few months we'll see a few people with brains enter the race.

    Of course, reading the Trump Twitter battles are great mid-day entertainment.

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