Vent Cover for 2004 320 DA

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  1. beeyacht

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    Sep 29, 2010
    320 Sundancer 2004
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    I know this isn't going to be an easy problem to solve but my starboard side vent cover fell off while cruising the other night. I was surprised to see that it's only glued on. Anyway, it's at the bottom of Lake Ontario right now (who knows where). I have tried and they don't have the part. My local Sea Ray dealer says he can't help. Any ideas of where to go or who to ask? Should I have a custom stainless steel piece made and then make a matching one the port side? Thanks for any ideas. IMG_20190802_104533.jpg
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    You’re probably going to have to wind up getting one made.
    I checked with Sea Ray back when I was boat shopping because one of the boats we looked at had a beat up vent cover. They gave me the name of the original supplier. I contacted that supplier and they no longer had the molds.
    A good fiberglass guy can make a mold and make one for you but you would have to get someone to loan you their starboard side cover.
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    I would contact Sea Ray directly and see if they still have the mold. When the vent cover fell off my 280DA Sea Ray still had the mold but they wanted an exorbitant price to make the cover.

    I have also heard that some people have had luck finding vent covers on Ebay.

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