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    Hello folks,

    I have had my boat for some time now. It is a 1991 220DA overnighter and she has not been in the water for 4 years. She is sitting on my driveway and was winterized when I brought her home. I wanted to know what you guys think I would need to get her back in this spring/Summer. She was fine when I took her out. The year before I had the bellows done.
    She is such a large part of my retirement and I just want to enjoy her again.
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    If the motor was fogged correctly the engine should be OK. I would pull the valve covers pull the plugs and pour some oil on the valve train and rotate the engine by hand to make sure you do not have a stuck valve. The gas if any in the tank is bad so that will need removed. Close inspection of all external belts and hoses is in order. If it were me I would change them to. This is more than likely a carb engine so you may want to pull the float bowl and make sure the float is not stuck, this will cause you some grief. Good luck keep us posted.
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    You could pull the plugs, squirt some Mystery Oil in each cylinder then use the starter to turn the engine over for a couple of minutes to circulate oil thru out the bearings and valve train. If the carb float is stuck you see fuel leaking out the top or throat of the carb. Before starting the engine connect the fuel line to an external tank to avoid using the old fuel. If all is good then your problem will be draining the old fuel from the tank before adding fresh fuel. Change the water separator fuel filter and do so every 5-10 hours for awhile. As mention inspect hoses and belts carefully and replace as needed. I hope you have someone knowledgeable to give you a hand.
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