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Discussion in 'Sea Ray Lifestyle & Cruising' started by Michael Mirra, Aug 22, 2017.

  1. Michael Mirra

    Michael Mirra Member

    Jan 18, 2017
    Rock Hall, Md
    360 Sundancer 2002
    8.1 Horizon X 2
    Planning on switching my home port from NJ to Md next season. I am going to be driving to Rock Hall and Harve De Grace in a few weeks to check out some marinas. Anyone have any feedback or suggestions for marinas in those areas. I spend about ten days a month on my boat in the summer and would like to be near a small town but also have a decent view of the bay.
  2. skibum

    skibum Well-Known Member

    Jul 30, 2007
    Perry Hall, MD
    2005 Sundancer 260
    496 Magnum HO
    I spent last weekend at Osprey Point in Rock Hall. If I lived on that side I would absolutely keep my boat there. Nice, clean, facilities and a friendly staff. They're a class act for sure.
  3. Lazy Daze

    Lazy Daze Well-Known Member TECHNICAL Contributor

    Apr 21, 2009
    Both are great little towns. I have a friend who's had his boat in Rock Hall for a few decades at the Sailing Emporium - we've visited him both by car and by boat - VERY nice place. But a lot depends on what you want to do with your boat. For me, I probably wouldn't want to have my boat at Havre de Grace simply because it's so far up the Bay. Every time we would want to go somewhere by boat it's an extra hour+ trip - both there and back. Rock Hall is getting closer to being centrally located and I'd rather drive a little bit longer by car, than a lot longer by boat (burning A LOT more fuel), every time down. Now, if the boat is going to be a dock queen most of the time, then it's a quicker car ride to HG. I've spent a couple weekends at Haven Harbour in Rock Hall and that was very nice, as well.
  4. Michael Mirra

    Michael Mirra Member

    Jan 18, 2017
    Rock Hall, Md
    360 Sundancer 2002
    8.1 Horizon X 2
    The main reason i was thinking HDG was because the drive would be 30 minutes shorter for me and also close to my sons house. The boat is definitely not a dock queen, we like run it as much as possible and visit as many ports as possible. Your probably right, 30 minutes ride in the car would be a good trade off to be closer to everything by boat. Rock Hall is a 3.5 hour drive, almost the same distance to my marina in Avalon New Jersey. Been there for thirty years and ready for a change. Just worried about picking the wrong marina and regretting the move.
  5. Alegria

    Alegria Well-Known Member

    Feb 21, 2009
    Lancaster,PA Boat: -Sue Creek, MD
    2000 410 DA
    3126 CAT
    I understand your hesitation! I've cruised around the Chesapeake for 20 years it's a world of difference from the Jersey Shore.

    I agree with Dennis, on the length of the run down to the mouth of the bay from HDG. I've run out of there many times and the sailboats in the harbor coupled with the tugs running up to the quarry are not a lot of fun. There are two sandy islands close to HDG to anchor out at. Other than that you have to run past Aberdeen or across the bay. I also agree that 30 minutes more by car to be further south on the Bay is a win.

    But you and so many other of my Philly friends run down to their boats on the eastern shore that it will feel like the Garden State (minus tolls and green heads) on a Sunday when you go to leave on RT. 213!!!

    On your way down to Rock Hall, I would stop at Bohemia River Yacht Harbor and stroll around. It is right on 213 and has some nice amenities. Then stop for some Ice Cream at Georgetown Yacht Basin also right on 213. Or check out Skipjack Cove right before Georgetown. Then spend the next 40 minutes getting down to Rock Hall and check out those marinas above and also Rock Hall Landing. I think you might find them just as nice and a shorter ride then Rock Hall.

    The ride down to Rock Hall is rural, agricultural, and reminds me a little of my days spent riding through Tuckahoe...

    So what's my point! Well if you don't mind another 30 minutes, you can get further down the bay on the (eek) Western side via 95 and be around Middle River. Which opens you up to the many marinas around there. It's a short cruise to Rock Hall, Tolchester, Hart Miller, and Inner Harbor. You then have a 4 lane highway headed north and not a 2 lane MD route to contend with (which will have a lot of traffic, but should keep moving on the weekends).

    Enjoy the journey! Of course if you have any questions after your visits post them up!

    Take Care.
  6. villain style

    villain style Well-Known Member SILVER Sponsor

    Oct 10, 2006
    Mears Point Marina Kent Island, MD
    2006 44 DA
    QSC 8.3s
    Cummins QSC 8.3s 500HO
    If Rock Hall is being considered you may as well look at Mears Kent Island. This is a great Marina with great access to Annapolis, Rock Hall, St Michaels, Baltimore, etc. There are also lots of great bars/restaurants within walking distance. Great marina and facility and people...
  7. chasing sunset

    chasing sunset New Member

    Jul 13, 2009
    Chesapeake Bay
    2002 SB400
    Cummins 450
    I have run in this area for 20 yrs. I am out of Bodkin Creek, (first creek, port side as you enter the Patapsco going into Baltimore) thats on the western side. However, if I was looking to be on the Eastern side, no doubt it would be Rock Hall. I recommend you check out North Point Marina in Rock Hall. There are few marina's on the bay that offer such great Bay views. (you can see the Kent Narrows Bridge + Bay Bridge + Francis Scott Key Bridge on a clear day) NPM is a family run marina with nice people. The boating location is fantastic ... central location for EZ runs to Baltimore, Annapolis, Kent Narrows, the all of the upper/middle bay area is within a 2 hr run. NPM is also centrally located in Rock Hall Harbor. Key activities such as Pirate and Wenches Wknd, and 3rd of July fireworks are on the harbor side of Rock Hall. You have "Front Row" seating for these events. I have no affiliation with NPM, other than I visit often.
    I visit because its a great place. I really have no knowledge of how to get there by land!
  8. Michael Mirra

    Michael Mirra Member

    Jan 18, 2017
    Rock Hall, Md
    360 Sundancer 2002
    8.1 Horizon X 2
    North Point is high on my list if we decide on Rock Hall, and that seems to be leaning towards. I stayed at North Point over night back in April and thought the people were great. I just haven't had a chance to see any of the other marinas yet so i want to check them out first. Thanks for all the help and comments.
  9. Winch1995

    Winch1995 Member

    May 5, 2017
    Sea Ray
    5.7L carb, BII
    I've rented a slip at Haven Harbor in Rock Hall several times. I was impressed with that marina.
  10. quality time

    quality time Well-Known Member

    Oct 30, 2007
    Upper Chesapeake Bay
    2003 480DB and Kencraft 190 CC
    Haven Harbor and Osprey are both nice marinas in Rock Hall. Havre de Grace is a cool little town but the trip in and out of the narrow channel wouldn't be fun to do every weekend. Sand Island and Fishing Battery are nice sandy places to anchor though. I think it's all in what you plan to do, anchor or travel. If traveling is your desire then Rock Hall is a great jumping off point to the destinations already mentioned.

    We're at Bohemia Bay Yacht Harbor and it is a great marina but I'm 2 hours running time to the Bay Bridge where a lot of the good destinations are. Traffic on 213 is not bad at all.

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