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Dec 13, 2008
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The 80s and 90s were the times to be at Put In Bay. Parties on all the docks. B Dock was one of the biggest party docks. What made B dock? The first person on the dock called who rafted off them till 6:00 pm Friday. This made sense with friends rafting off friends there were less problems. With drinking on the dock allowed stereos would be playing blenders going, snacks set out, dancing. We even had a line dance that went down all of B dock on a Saturday afternoon. Roundhouse bar would have a special day once a year to elect a king and queen of B dock by popular vote. back then there was only one hotel at Put In Bay, and the Miller Ferry was the only way to get to the Bay it made its last run at 7:00 pm. So only boaters were left on the island to party through the night. Middle bass winery was in full swing with bands outside. playing and plenty of wine. Sunny ferry was the best way to get there from Put In Bay. There were so many antics that went on your stomach would hurt when you got home from laughing. at that time Hinemans Winery had a big fountain in the outdoor seating area it was nice to sit there drink wine, eat a cheese plate and look at the fountain. This is just a small telling of all that went on back then it would go on for pages to tell of what it was like in the 80s and 90s.
In 1986 I was browsing a Rand-McNally atlas for a weekend getaway (lived in Cincinnati ,Ohio area at the time). Whats this? ...looks like some islands on Lake Erie you can take a ferry to.....South Bass? Middle Bass?....mmm.....lets drive up and check it out! OMG.....after that first exploration we never missed a Summer going up for probably 20 years.......to say I drank a few beers at PIB would be putting it mildly. Love it up there.
The original Beer Barrel Saloon with Pat Dailey was a great place prior to it burning down in May 1988. Spent many Friday and Saturday evenings there in the early 80’s.
I’ve worn the beer bucket at the Roundhouse before and yes it’s still a party and I agree just not like back in the day….but not much is the same as 30 years ago. It’s been a while for me to PIB and from the discussions on threads from here sounds like the changes have been challenging.
In 1975, I saw my first ever wet t-shirt contest on B-dock. Which quickly devolved into naked boobies everywhere. I was in heaven.

Saw my first chick fight on B-dock, which also ended up in their clothes getting ripped off in the gravel.

Anyone remember the wooden extension off of B-dock?

How about the water balloon slings?

Then there was Buford T. Waterpistol drinking Scotch out of a flower pot and riding his mini-bike up a ramp and into the lake is another great memory.

The second floor of the Colonial Hotel had an awesome video arcade in 80s and I spent many a quarters in those machines.

Another favorite memory was going into the Gay 90's eating peanuts in the shell and dropping the shells on the floor while watching classic silent movies from the 1930's.

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