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    So it came up during lunch time conversation that enough ice melts in the summer time to be able to traverse from eastern Canada to Alaska via the mouth of Hudson Bay and Beaufort Sea and rest of the channels. It became very heated topic I just sat back and thought no way enough hair spray was used in the 70-80's to cause that much Global warming. I read the article on the cruise ship planning the voyage with a ice breaker tailing it,,, skeptical here.
    I wanted to check if anyone here has first hand or even second hand knowledge this true?

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    We have been to most areas of the artic from Baffin Island to Beauford Sea. It is cold and there is ice most of the year. The North end of Baffin has ice flows even in August. There are a few cruise ships around Baffin in the south. I have never seen one in the north. I know one person in the 80ies that went from west to east across the artic in a company ship. It was cold and there was floating ice.
    On some of the islands in the artic you can see large remains of trees as this area was tropical once. Global warming has happened in the past, then it gets cold now it is getting warm. Do not think dinosaurs used hair spray.

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