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Jun 26, 2022
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1999 190CC Sea Ray
4.3L Alpha (190 PHP) MCM stern drive
I just bought a slightly used 1999 SeaRay 190CC. This boat looks prefect but after two outings the fuel gauge is still on full. I suspect it is not reading properly. When I turn the key off it drops to the E but when I turn it on it stays on F. The boat has a 6cyl engine but I don't think it gets that good of gas mileage. After two hours of on plane running it shouldn't be on full still should it?
The only other problem I have with it is I can't get the cuddy hatch open. I moved the handles 90° but the hatch won't open. Is there another handle, latch or a lock I can't see?
Fuel gages can be unreliable. It might read full for quite some time and then suddenly drop to half a tank. If you have access to the tank you can always tap to see how full it is. Good luck.
Some little things can drive you nuts, like your cuddly door. Sure you’ve looked all around both sides, top & bottom..Go to and look under ‘Owners’, you’ll be able to see/download your vessel’s operator manual. Hopefully that’ll help. I unlocked a hatch this morning on my SeaRay, and then the exact same key would not relock with the hatch in place……:(
Disconnect the "SIG" wire from back of fuel gauge. Should drop to zero. If not, gauge is kaput.

If it does, reconnect that wire, then disconnect signal wire from fuel gauge sender (on tank). If it goes to zero again, then it is the sender. If it does not, then the signal wire is grounded somewhere.


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The hatch is probably just stuck... even mine will be difficult sometimes and I open it every weekend. The rubber gasket just gets sticky... you just have to push hard and break the seal.

I (and you) should try some lube on it now that we have talked about it!
Thanks Bill Curtis I'll give that a try.

JimG I gave it a try again but I started pushing at the corner & it came open. I was trying to push in the middle & it wouldn't open.
Yep the seal was stuck tight, would some silicone spray help it from sticking like I do my car window seals. Thanks.

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