Marina was sold we had to leave.

Solved the marina problem by buying my own. Well, part of if anyways. Small condo complex on NE Sarasota Bay. $2.00/ft per month including water and electric. However, insurance went from 170K to 365K without warning for 2024! Between that and the knee jerk reaction to Surfside causing all condos to become fully funded reserves by 2025, it's going to get more expensive. I still have a long ways to go before we start to approach $21 to $30 a foot around the area. Plus I get a 2 bdrm 2 bath overlooking my boat.
Not a nice Christmas present for some boater owners and liveaboards on the west coast……

“According to community estimates, more than 400 boats in the marina are facing removal from the dock, which is home to a range of vessels between 25 and 160 feet, including rows of float homes.”

And what seemed to be an ideal solution to the housing crisis in Vancouver, floating homes, is turned into a nightmare…
The average home price in Greater Vancouver was $1,285,414, which rose 7.2% annually and declined 1.1% monthly.
So just as Hurricane IAN hit our area our marina “Stump Pass” was closing on a sale they where bought by Windward who owns I think 5 east coast marinas in Fla. After a few weeks and speaking to the forklift kid the plan is to re do a lot of the marina by that I mean fire the entire service dept and knock the building down which they did. Make the restaurant nicer etc.. we’ll someone will have to pay for it right? Guess who? I got an email with the new rates
They went up 31% or an additional $164/ month time to move on as much as I liked the place there’s nothing there to justify a rack for almost $700/month I mean nothing.
So we moved to Gasparilla marina an additional 10 mins in the car and closer to where we anchor anyway it is indoor covered not outdoor covered like I had before and less expensive.
I wasn’t looking to leave but they forced something like 50 boats out when they sent the emails. How do you justify such an increase all at once I’d be fine paying over time when the improvements where completed but I’m not fronting you the money…. Rant OVER
It’s called capitalism. How high should the price be? Answer: As high as as you can set it without losing profits. Best system out there for allocating capital. Investors need to be rewarded for their risk. If you were making the investmen, you would do the same thing.
Dont take this wrong seriously. But I really feel for NY and Southern guys. On the Chesapeake i pay 1800 a YEAR. Some guys up here pay more for more amenities. But its easy to find cheap slips if you just want a place to put boat.
Just this week someone asked wife, why dont you move south now retired. Wife said cause my husband wont leave the Chesapeake. Dam right skippy. Dirt cheap and a bazillion marinas to pick from.

I forget, what marina are you in up there? That’s a great price regardless of the size of the slip!

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