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Discussion in 'Northeast' started by cwiert, Sep 19, 2017.

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    So I gather.

    Another reason I’m glad I live here. I used to live on Long Island. I’m sure it’s the same there.
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    Those rates are crazy. If I had to pay them I’d probably get out of boating.
    Most places close to me on the South Shore of Long Island in eastern Nassau/Western Suffolk are working boatyards with no amenities past electric and water. I think the average price for summer dockage in those type places is about $60.00 a foot for the season. Again, nothing fancy at all. Just a place to dock your boat. There is one dockominium that I know of that is a pretty good deal for owners. It’s not super fancy, but does have some amenities including a pool. I always thought that place was a pretty nice set up.
    I opted to buy a piece of property on a canal with a 50’ bulkhead about 10 years ago. It was a bigger initial investment than the dockominium, but my annual costs (about $750 taxes & $400 electric/water) are significantly lower and although there are no amenities, I am the Dockmaster and can do pretty much anything I want.
    Between the boat, property, lighting, and picnic table we have set up there it’s a nice place to hang out with friends on summer evenings too.
    I was able to store my old boat up on the property during the winters, and the ability to have sheds to keep stuff in is fantastic. Unfortunately, my current boat is a little too big to block up on the land so I’m in a boatyard this winter, but I may opt to stay in the water next year for convenience. I’d just do a Springtime short haul. Lots of the bigger boats on my canal do that.
    You may want to consider buying something. Either private property, or a dockominium. There will be an initial investment, but it’s money in the bank because you’re going to be able to get that money back if you ever decide to sell, and you’re annual cost of boat ownership should be considerably lower.

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