How do I delete last image so I can post another?

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    The manage attachments for a post tells me I have only 48 K to post images. I have one image in the upload area and cannot delete it to put another in. Am I doing this wrong? This image is in my image box under manage attachments. It takes up 37 K of only 48 K I have. How do I delete it so I can upload more images. Only 48K? That would be one small pic at a time only. Is this how it is?


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    Yes, the limits are extremely low unless you're a contributor. If you have a photo resizing tool/app of any kind, that will help, but won't do a LOT of good if you wish to post lots of pics/have a gallery.

    I'm not a whiz kid with this site's tools, but I think you'd have to remove the image from the post where you attached it--if that's just here for the example, then edit this post and it should disappear from the post and from the upload area/anywhere it's being calculate as part of your total.
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    If you donate to the site you can get unlimited space for pictures. Another option that many use is to load their pictures to a web depository, such as Photobucket, then post links to those pictures here. Then you can link to as many as you want.

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