high iron in gear oil samples qsm pods

john z

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Mar 6, 2021
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2015 sea ray 510 sundancer
550 qsc cummings
looking at 2015 51 sundancer with 1100 hours
oil samples came up with extremely high iron as in greater than 999 ppm on both pod gear oil samples with 2 month oil and only 5 hours on it.thoughts??
Every time I sample my gear oil, it shows high iron. However, my iron numbers run in the 200-350 range. I am told the Mercury 90W Gear Oil has elevated iron content which causes this reading. In fact, Jay Siebert, a Zeus tech in Florida, sent a bottle of new gear oil in for sampling and it tested with high iron. That said, 999 sounds too high and also sounds oddly like a default number...999...as if the scales stops there and won't go to 1000. If you have the actual report, call the company that sampled the gear oil and speak to the specialist who did the test. Perhaps see if there was any contamination of the sample. Get his take on the findings. Often the number will not tell what he actually thinks is going on. Where was the gear oil extracted for the sample? If from the gear lube bottle, that is a no no. The sample needs to come from the bottom of the gear case (boat hauled preferably right after being run) or from the mid section plate gear oil port. In short, I suspect a bad sample and would retest (if seller allows) preferably after running the boat. The boat could be run and then short hauled to take the sample from the gear case drain port.
Is there a maintenance history available with oil analysis? It is the trend that is important. Regardless, I would be concerned and would have the sales representative ask the right questions of the owner.
no records unfortunately
have found that hi iron in pod gear oil samples is ok , as it is due to the type of oil used in the pods.

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