First "Real" Problem! Need Guidance!!!

Discussion in 'Sport Boats' started by Merge360, Jul 30, 2017.

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    Hey my fellow Sea Ray enthusiasts!!! Haven't posted in a bit, but need a little help! Took the boat out yesterday (long overdo)... 2006 Sport 195.... She ran like a top!!! I've kept her in really great shape, normal maint., etc.... But I noticed pretty quickly that my "trim" switch is failing to operate... "Down" works as it should... The only way to get the lower unit to come up was to use "Trailer" mode.... And the "Trim Indicator" located on my console is acting wonky!!!

    I used the "Search" option before posting, but didn't find any specifics as far as what direction I might start looking! I thought about looking at the switch first (at the throttle handle, but wanted to ask here first as I'm sure I'm not the first to have this happen).Full boat description is in my signature and any advice is greatly appreciated ahead of time!!!

    My biggest fear yesterday was that the "Trailer" mode would fail also, leaving me NOT being able to get her on the trailer!!! If there's also a work-around for this, somebody please advise!!!

    Everyone here has always had great advise!!! I look forward to many answers to help me troubleshoot this mechanical problem!!! Again, many thanks in advance!!!!
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    If the drive correctly lowers using Trailer Mode then I would suspect a fault switch. You could test this by pulling the switch and jumping the wire from the constant power contact to the "down" contact.
  3. Bt Doctur

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    A faulty trim limit switch . Trailer mode is wired direct .
    Trim limits and trim senders are always going bad
  4. BillK2632

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    Yep, the little "pucks" on each side of outdrive. The port one is the trim limit (keeps drive from going up too far when using trim) and the STBD side is the sender (controls the trim gauge). Like Bt Dr said, the wear out, the wiring get's cracked and shorts or they leak and develop corrosion. Usually change them with the bellows, on an Alpha I the bell housing has to come loose to replace them - the kit is designed so the new wires run through the transom and plug up in engine compartment. Short of a replacement, your options are:

    1. Take the limit switch off/apart and see if you can clean it up. It's just a reostat - you got nothing to loose at this point.
    2. If that doesn't work, continue to use the trailer button for up, just make sure you don't over trim it.
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  5. Dan_B

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    My trim gauge just stopped working. Could it be my trim sender has gone bad? How could I tell?
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    Mine hasn't worked since I got the boat a few years ago. From what I hear many don't work and don't fix them. I adjust mine by feel.
  7. keokie

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    Trim indicators are notoriously inaccurate even when they work. That is why the performance guys use mechanical indicators.

    I highly suspect the trim limit sender on the drive as the problem with the OP's boat. However, I had the problem once on my 260 and it in fact was the actual trim switch in the throttle.

    Also, if you ever have a failure in the drive tilt mechanism, you can always raise the drive by simply removing the pin that holds the rams to the outdrive, then mechanically lifting and securing the drive. All you need is a couple 5/8th inch wrenches.

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