Engine Issue

I'll bet you had a shim in there that was stuck to the old starter when you pulled it, and is now in the trash.


Part # 2 in the diagram

Check for water in the cyl's like said above but I doubt thats your problem. I still would not put that starter back on even if you find no water and the engine spins freely, something is wrong and you WILL end up shredding your ring gear if you keep trying that starter.

Yea i already contacted the dealer and they are going to take the start back. I have to pay return shipping but they agreed to refund me the original purchase price.

So any suggestions on a new start? Links,..etc?
So what does the shim do? Does it line up the teeth? Should it come with the starter or do i have to order it seperate?
So i put in a 1/16" shim tried the key and it cranked it right away. I tried it 3 more times just hitting the key and it cranked right over ever time. Thats funny that a little piece of metal in there a 1/16" of an inch would do that.

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