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    Sep 1, 2017
    Georgian Bay
    1992 Sea Ray Sundancer 370
    Hello fellow boaters. I am really excited about my new project 1992 Sea Ray 370da. This is my second project boat. My first boat (1989 Regal Commodore 320) gave me and my family great memories on Georgian Bay and the Trent Waterway. I am a bit nervous I am approaching this project the wrong way. So here is the story. This Sea Ray was imported to Canada as a project boat. The only thing I know is that it used to be a salt water boat. A friend of mine bought it and got to work on getting it back to life. He approached it backwards in my opinion. He started redoing all the aesthetics. Got all carpets replaced, new upholstery thru the hole boat new canvas, new head liner got the boat buffed an looking good. He also purchased a new Standard Horizon CP590. I own a Automotive shop so I helped him with the mechanical work. We got engines tuned and running, generator working, a/c working, and well must system running. After a full season on the water he got busy at work and the boat sat in storage for 3 years. So by now this boat has sat over half its life out of the water.

    This brings us to now. I think I manage to scoop it really cheap (under $25000 Canadian) as he was tired of storage. Got it moved and inspected by marine mechanic and got the structure and glass checked. The shell and the appearance is good but as i expected the mechanical needed a lot of work. We have to replace both shafts worn .020 and slightly bent($2200). Props need to be done($600). Electrical system needs some maintenance. Generator is acting up so we pulled the old Quicksilver out and planning on replacing it for something easier to find parts for. Found a westerbeke for $2000. Installing new gauges ($950), upgrading holding tank for a bigger tank ($400)as we have kids and that was an issue with the old boat. Lift extended platform that sits to low to the water
    . Installing a inverter charger ($2800). Needs batteries. All new water hoses. We haven't done a water test and its to late in the season to go there as the boat is wrapped and winterized. Now i am nervous of the engines.

    I am now faced with a couple of options.

    1) wait until spring and put them to the test and pray.
    2) Get them running out of the water and winterize them again.
    3) Power upgrade. Would love to upgrade to Yanmars and as the gen is already out could be switch for a diesel gen.

    I guess I am crazy for approaching this the way I have. I just hope is not a terrible investment. I looked for similar boats in good condition and they where more than double.

    So to make a really long and complicated story short. Wait for spring or power upgrade?
    IMG_4341.JPG IMG_4343.JPG IMG_4348.JPG IMG_4349.JPG IMG_4353.JPG IMG_4354.JPG IMG_4355.JPG
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    I would at least figure out if they're salvageable while it's out of the water. That way if they're no good you can have the new engines sourced and delivered so they're ready to go for an early spring re-power.

    I'd also think of how you plan to use the boat. If you're a local boater just cruising around from point to point I'd try to see if you could get along with using the old engines for a few seasons. However, if you're a long distance boater I'd re-power straight away. No point in trying to use the old engines.

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