Controlling Humidity Without Electricity

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ken Wolkens, Dec 26, 2017.

  1. Ken Wolkens

    Ken Wolkens Member

    May 22, 2014
    Melbourne, FL.
    Recently we moved our boat to a rack and launch facility and it seems as if it's more humid in there than outside. I could be wrong but just in case it is I removed any of the linens on the boat that were cotton because that stuff holds moisture. I also opened up all of the cabinets and interior floor hatches as well.

    I keep the cabin door closed and the ventilation hatches on the deck closed as well. All have secondary canvas covers on them so they could be left slightly open if that helps.

    We bought this boat because it was one of the only ones that didn't have a musty boat smell and would like to keep it that way.

    I'm curious to find what works to control humidity in the cabin (without electricity) besides a giant bucket of damp rid.

    I'm in central Florida where it's always humid so all ideas are appreciated.

    Thanks in advance, Ken
  2. Ken Wolkens

    Ken Wolkens Member

    May 22, 2014
    Melbourne, FL.
    I'll add that the only standing water in the cabin is in the head. The bilge is dry.
  3. bbwhitejr

    bbwhitejr Well-Known Member SILVER Sponsor

    Apr 14, 2013
    Lake Lanier GA
    2007 44DB
    Cummins QSC 8.3s
    I kept our 260DA on the trailer year round. Damp rid was my go to and worked without fail. Add a fan to circulate and you will be amazed how much water you will pull out of the air and never a musty smell. No odors or mildew without the fan, but did remove more water with the fan.

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  4. trflgrl

    trflgrl Active Member

    Jun 23, 2014
    Middle Tennessee
    1989 Sundancer 300
    Twin 350 Merc/Alpha 1 Gen 1; Quicksilver 4.0 gen
    What did DampRid do to you?

    In all sincerity--without electricity, a product such as DampRid or a generic bulk counterpart is likely to be the easiest and most cost effective. If you can arrange vents, etc. to allow some sort of air flow, all the better.
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  5. hottoddie

    hottoddie Well-Known Member

    Jan 11, 2012
    Boston/Cape Cod
    1986 Sea Ray 390 Express
    Garmin 4212 Chartplotter
    Garmin 24 HD Radar
    Garmin GSD 22 Sounder
    454 Crusaders
    Wow didn't know they rack stored boats as big as a 390EC. Would like to see a picture of it being launched.
  6. techmitch

    techmitch Well-Known Member SILVER Sponsor

    May 1, 2008
    Chesapeake Bay, Middle River/Frog Mortar Creek MD.
    1999 270 DA
    Twin 4.3s W/Alpa I Gen II's
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  7. HUMPH

    HUMPH Well-Known Member

    Nov 4, 2009
    2003 410DA,
    2004 C14 Caribe
    CAT 3126TA's 350HP/
    50HP Honda
    We use Damp Rid and pull gallons of water out of the air every winter. We like the ones that hang in the closet. Usually will have one in each closet, forward and mid berths and sometimes the heads. No musty smell at all in the boat!
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  8. JVM225

    JVM225 Well-Known Member

    Apr 8, 2008
    Farmingdale, NY
    2002 410 Sundancer, Monaco Edition.
    3126 Cats.
    I’ve found strategically placed Damp Rid’s to be the only effective option without electricity.
    Just make sure you check them every week or so.
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  9. Ken Wolkens

    Ken Wolkens Member

    May 22, 2014
    Melbourne, FL.
    Thanks everyone. Damp Rid it is.

    Since the floor in the building is always wet it's like an environmental chamber so my plan is to close up the cabin and place two damp rid 4 lb buckets in there

    Maybe I'm being neurotic but better to plan ahead is my motto.
  10. Woody

    Woody Well-Known Member

    Nov 20, 2007
    N. Wisconsin/Lk Superior
    2005 420DA
    Cummins 6CTA8.3
    Mold likes 3 things, the right temperatures, moisture, and food. We put the boat away empty and cleaned inside. We use the Damprid buckets and whenever we visit the boat for projects I run a box fan to move the air around and force it out of the dead spaces.
  11. JVM225

    JVM225 Well-Known Member

    Apr 8, 2008
    Farmingdale, NY
    2002 410 Sundancer, Monaco Edition.
    3126 Cats.
    I put them in each separate cabin space, and use the hanging ones in the closets. I also make sure to leave all closets, access hatches, cabinet drawers and doors open.
    I did take off all the towels and linens and brought them home to wash them, but then for the sake of storage I put them in vacuum bags, put those bags in a plastic trunk, taped the edges of the trunk to seal it, and put it back on the boat with a Damp Rid container on top of it.
    This is the first time in many years that I’m in a boatyard for the winter and not blocked up on my private property with the electric plugged in. I seriously miss not having the electric and am considering shrinkwrapping and staying in the water at my own dock next winter so I can have the electric.
    The boatyard operator where I’m blocked up is a great guy, and there is no problem plugging in every once in a while for a couple of days to top off the batteries, but staying plugged in all winter isn’t an option.
  12. rgp717

    rgp717 New Member

    Feb 16, 2012
    Lake Erie
    1986 Sea Ray 390, express cruiser, achilles dinghy w evinrude/johnson, radar, gps.
    Twin 454s, original to boat
    I use buckets of DampRid, and put the buckets in the sinks ... that way the water can drain out of the boat and the DampRid can continue to do its job.
  13. JVM225

    JVM225 Well-Known Member

    Apr 8, 2008
    Farmingdale, NY
    2002 410 Sundancer, Monaco Edition.
    3126 Cats.
    That’s what I do when stored for the winter. Put them all over. Never a musty odor.
  14. wayne0

    wayne0 Active Member

    May 4, 2014
    Newburyport, Ma.
    2000 340 Sundancer
    Twin 7.4 ltr.V-drives
    You probably won't find this in Fla., but I use calcium chloride ice melter. It works just like Damp rid, but half the price. I buy a 20 lb. bag for $12 or so. I do the boat AND my walk ways! Probably the same stuff with out the name and marketing.

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