Condensation in guages on dashboard

Discussion in 'Announcements & FAQs' started by Toad, Aug 10, 2014.

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    I'm just reading long here.........and smiling.

    For you guys that suggest removing and disassembling Sea Ray gauges to dry the moisture in the gauge using silica packs, rice, etc..........let me ask you a question. Did you realize that the gauges are vented to the atmosphere, so whatever you do, will only last until there is another condensate producing temperature change? Try attacking the source of the moisture instead. Usually the problem is a wet panel due to not having a panel cover or leaky canvas.

    Good luck with "your project".
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    or its been pouring for days and there is a ton of moisture in the air.

    turn the dash lights on and the heat will evap the moisture
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    The "lights on" remedy usually works but in this case there's just too much moisture. As Frank said, and I mentioned earlier in the thread, there's a pesky leak in the windshield (a number of them for that matter) and the towel that covers my gauges wicked the moisture up. The rice thing is just an experiment for now, until I can spend some quality time down there and fix things properly. Just bin a bit busy lately.
  4. Lazy Daze

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    I understand the idea of wanting to experiment. But why not just use a heat source like a hair dryer to get it done quickly? Seems like while the rice, I'm sure, would do the trick, it's going to take a long time and be more trouble than it's worth since, given enough time, the moisture would probably go away on it's own. Whatever you decide, stop using the towel until you fix the leak.
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    My gauges did not have condensation they had a film left over from condensation. I tried to dry them out thinking it was moisture but in the end I was forced to either replace them or disassemble them. I was not easy or quick but it can be done. And yes I know they are vented how else could moisture get inside. These boats dont belong in salt water year round. By the way my guages have been clear ever since I cleaned them two years ago.
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    I'd like to know how you get the formed bezel off the front of the SR "Legend" gage(green body). They're about $42 to replace.

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