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    Reviving old post but there are a couple different manufacturers/names that are essentially the same product as this. Probably all come out of the same Chinese factory and get a different label & packaging depending on the US distributor. I have one under the name "dog on water ramp" but take away the name and it's identical. We've used it this season with 2 of our dogs. The mama is a 100lb black lab that loves the water but after having puppies put on about 20% more weight and really struggled with getting back on the boat without a boost. Her daughter is about 50lbs. This was her first season out and she was terrified of going into the water until we got this. Once she learned the ramp let her in & out as she pleased, she's come to love the water and goes nuts when she sees us prepping the boat.

    we bought the ramp on Amazon. Turns out it comes in 2 versions: the standard (<60lbs) and heavy duty. Difference is that the mesh ramp part itself is held on with velcro on 3 sides and will come loose with a heavier dog (mama pulled the ramp off and it doesn't float). The HD one is sewn in on the top of the ramp on 1 side so if it comes loose it won't sink. We contacted Amazon when we lost the ramp in the lake, they refunded us 100% and didn't have us ship the old one back. So we bought the HD one and once I get off my butt and order the replacement ramp from the manufacturer, we'll have 2 basically for the price of one.

    I will say the velcro isn't ideal and holds fine for the 50lb pup but not every time with mama. but at least when the velcro gives way it still dangles. At the end of the season I'll install a couple of snaps at the corners and I'm confident that will hold without any issue. Despite that issue, I like the design. Comes with a backpack to haul it and I like how it stores pretty easy and doesn't take too long to pump up. It comes with D-rings in the corners and 6' lengths of nylon line to secure it, works well but when I do the snaps I'm going to install a pair of hard mounts at the back of the swim platform and use stainless clips to attach the ramp so it's quicker and easier than tying the ropes every time. Even my 11 & 13 year old boys like it as it's a shorter platform they can hang on or sit on that is at water level, rather than the swim platform above the water. Despite the planned modifications and the issue with the netting, I still like the design and think it functions well. and for a 100lb lab that looks like a barrel with legs & a tail, it is nearly effortless for her to climb up & down on it. And it was easy for her to figure out despite her not being terribly bright.
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    I have had this ramp all summer and Cody has been using it almost every weekend. Cody is a 90lb. yellow lab and is very rough on everything, he's no fear when it comes to swimming and playing. Although the heavy nylon basket is held in place like the attached picture and isn't going anywhere, no Velcro anywhere. I think they may have re-modeled the basket and how it attaches from what you are talking about @TheDudeAbides or as you first mention there are a few versions around. I believe Solstice (Swimline) makes these themselves, but I got this one from West Marine directly as @ocgrant posted. This ramp is made of the same type and thickness pvc as a dinghy is. Best $200 ever spent on Cody. As mentioned, he gets out of the water and on the platform by himself, that is when he actually gets out of the water. As in the picture that is where he will just hang until he is ready to drop the stick. He even just swims out and around on his own.

    Edit: Looks like the Solstice and "Dog on the water" ramps are completely different ramps, although of the same type/configuration.

    picture in use:

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