Bennet Dealer - Effectiveness and Mounting Self Leveling Tabs on 200OVOB Question

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    Aug 14, 2017
    1994 200 Overnighter, Single Axle Easy Load'r Galvanized Trailer, 2009 Chevy Trailblazer
    Single 1994 Mercury Black Max V135 O/B
    Just curious looking at the mount patterns on the 10"x10" self leveling tabs. I have a 1994 Sea Ray 200 Overnighter 135HP Outboard. The transom on my hull is angled forward on either side of the outboard. Will tabs be effective since they would not be perpendicular on the transom. Seems like it would create a cutting edge and be less effective. Also, I don't want to drill into my transom. I mounted my depth sounder on a SternMate Mini. Anything like that I could do (Its an 1" thick piece of HDPE epoxied to the transom) to mount the ram and trim tab hinge to the hull, or is that to much stress? It would also push out the trim tabs about 1" to the rear. Hydraulic/electric and auto tabs are outside my budget for this vessal.

    I saw good reviews here:
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    Do you have a photo of the boat's transom I can take a look at? If it's easier you can send it to

    Tom McGow
    Bennett Marine

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