Anyone Buffed Old Imron?

Discussion in 'Fiberglass/Wood/Gelcoat Repair' started by NorCal Boater, Feb 14, 2018.

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    The hull sides of my Cobalt were painted about 10-12 years ago with Royal Blue Imron. It's generally in pretty good shape but there are a couple of spots where the PO allowed unprotected fenders to wear down the shine.

    Has anyone had any success bringing back the shine on this surface? I know it is supposed to be a really hard surface and difficult to bring back. Looking for feedback.

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    If there enough paint then you can bring it back. If it’s worn through then your chances are slim. Start with a da so you don’t wear the paint too thin or leave swirls but it will polish for sure.
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    IF you use a DA, use one with a 3/32 random orbit. I would start with 1,500 dry,then go to a 3000 wet, as long as the clear isn’t rubbed off(assuming it’s clear coat). For buffing, I would use a compound on a 8” rotary buffer no faster than 1400 rpm’s.
    I like to use wool(step 1)as it cuts faster and removes the 3000 grit scratches. Depending on the severity of what your trying to bring back you might have to go to a step 2 pad(generally foam). To remove any swirl marks use a polish with a step3 pad. This s will also give you that deep sheen.
    I know there’s a lot of 3M guys on this site, but Mother’s has a new formula HD compound that is just outstanding. I use this for step one and two, and then Mothers foam pad polish for step three, and get great results(and compliments).

    This Mother’s product is their professional line and is only available at PBE jobbers. You can’t get this at a box store.
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