adding overhead lights to wakeboard tower

Discussion in 'Installation Photos/Specs' started by SeattleMarkNewToSeaRay, Aug 14, 2017.

  1. SeattleMarkNewToSeaRay

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    Aug 14, 2017
    270 Sundeck 2006
    496 Mercruiser Mag w/Bravo III
    Brand new to this forum as my boat is a whopping week old (to me). Hello, all.

    I have an '06 270SD with factory installed tower, but at night it seems to lack enough cockpit and helm station lighting. The nav station could use some back lighting or a small pilot light while the passengers could use some extra lighting to avoid toe-stubbing. So, I'm thinking of adding 2 LEDs from the tower, facing downward, and operable by each driver or passenger similar to dome lights in a car. Or, a small articulating LED light at the instrument panel. If the tower idea prevails, I will have to run wire down the tower tubing as a likely hassle but importantly I also want to be careful not to have these lights visible to others, i.e. improper navigation lights while underway. While I think the tower idea sounds great, what seems simpler is to add floor lighting under the passenger side swivel chair and a small light on separate switch at the helm. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.
  2. Lazy Daze

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    Apr 21, 2009
    I like the idea of overhead lights for general lighting - look for flood lights as opposed to a spot light type thing. But there's lot's of options now a days for this stuff. Some only 1" or less in diameter... or maybe rope/flat strip lighting. Also, your thought of being legal at night is a good one as no lights, other than the nav lights are allowed while the boat is moving. With a small caveat that when you're around a dock, no one is likely to bother you.

    BUT... just as an fyi, your dash gauges and switches are already backlit. In most cases, I would rather have LESS dash lights at night to avoid compromising night vision. You also have some cockpit floor lights that should give just enough light to see where someone is stepping when it's dark out. But if you're switching to LED (can swap the existing cockpit light bulbs for LED's), you won't need any other switches as you can tap into the existing circuit if you want to add more - even use a matching cockpit light design.

    If you're looking for an easy way to get enough light to read by, maybe just buy a couple hanging, camping lights. There are some very nice ones out there.

    Also... keep in mind that the more lights you have, the more bugs you attract!
  3. ladbak1

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    Oct 4, 2013
    1988 250 Weekender
    I have an 1988 250 cuddy that has lights around the bottom shelf that goes down both sides of the boat.
    I plan on tapping into that circuit with led “rope” lights
    using an angle bracket for mounting.

    Should be able to control color and brightness.

    Now I want to figure out how to have these lights in 3 direerent locations that can be turned off individually. IE deck, cabin and hardtop shining down.

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