93 dancer vacum loss in the head

Discussion in 'Classic Sea Rays' started by drwkn@aol.com, Jan 2, 2017.

  1. drwkn@aol.com

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    Jul 21, 2016
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    Good morning,

    I am new to the club so please be gentle. I have a 93 370 dancer which lost vacuum pressure over the weekend, the water system still works, I was able to run a snake all the way to the holding tank, and when I remove the line to the holding tank water drains by gravity

    I am assuming it is a valve or a pump motor that creates the vacuum as there is nine when the foot pedal is depressed

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    Welcome to CSR :)

    Assuming you have a Vacuflush system..you can get parts from several places.
    https://www.northeastsanitation.com is one..

    I'm going to recommend start by replacing the 4 duck bill valves that are located 2 in the inlet and 2 outlet of your Vacu pump.
    These are often sold in a 2 pack so, you'll need to buy 2 to get all 4.
    1 1/2 inch should be the size.

    I'd recommend to pump-out, add water, pump-out again several times because, your needing to remove the black water lines on either side of the pump to access the duck bill valves.
    Its not all that bad, if your holding tank is as empty as possible..wear gloves ;)

    Might be best to remove the pump and inspect/clean it on the bench.

    Good luck,
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  3. drwkn@aol.com

    drwkn@aol.com New Member

    Jul 21, 2016
    370 dancer
    8.1 horizons
  4. bahamabreisus

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    Can you hear the pump running, if not make sure head breaker is on. Also make sure power is actually getting to the pump. You will most likely have to replace duck bills since you ran a snake thru them, they are one way and probably damaged them when running snake.
  5. Mike Blake

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    Try turning on the 12V switch at the dash............spend no money
  6. andyr

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    Feb 14, 2010
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    If the motor doesn't work, there is a fuse for the motor. The fuse may be under the dash, possibly another by the motor. Good to check. Sometimes the pump motor stops on a dead spot. A sharp wack gets it going. Use the wrong kind of toilet paper and fibers can build up and jam the bellows pump. Ask how I know these things.
    There is a difference between won't make vacuum and won't hold vacuum.

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