2005 240 Sundeck, replaced electric fuel valve, still won't stay running

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    Jul 11, 2015
    240 Sundeck 2005r, SeaRay
    Mercruiser 5.0 Bravo 3R
    5.0 Bravo 3R, the boat has an electric fuel valve which has a line from the fuel tank to the cool fuel box with the fuel pump. The valve became too hot to touch and the boat would not start. I just replaced the valve. My understanding is this valve shuts off the fuel in case of a fire and has to do with the halon system.
    Note: the original valve had a psi of 10 but the new replacement PER the SeaRay dealer is now a different part number and has a psi of 2.
    I have primed the lines but the fuel pressure does not hold and the boat will not stay running. Any suggestions of what could be the issue. The electric fuel valve is now warm when I try to start it, whereas I replaced it because it was too hot to touch.
    The photo attached is the valve that was replaced.
    Is there a fuse that could be a problem? How do I narrow down the problem or a solution? :smt017

    electric fuel valve.jpg

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