1998 SeaRay Sundancer 240

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  1. I just discovered this forum, joined and wish to say "Thank you" to all the posters for the information you so graciously share.

    We purchased a 1998 Sea Ray 240 Sundancer in March of this year and have it in a harbor in Oshkosh WI.

    The first weekend we launched, April 16th, 2005 was unusually warm, 70+, even got to 80 on Sunday. We put on 108 miles per the GPS and then had the temperature drop to 30’s and 40’s since.

    Using the camper top in the cold weather we have already put on over 50 hours and over 600 miles per the GPS.

    Although our experience on the water is limited we are quickly becoming experienced carpenters, electricians, plumbers and boaters all at the same time. We have enjoyed working on the boat and learning at forums like this.

    Our next plan is to take a local boaters safety course and build our real world boating experience.

    Thank you all for the quality information you have posted at this site.
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  2. Just an update, we are at the twilight of our second summer. We have taken our boat to the navigational limits on the Lake Winnebago chain of lakes. We have gone as far in all directions as you can go without putting the boat in very high danger of hitting bottom. We even went too far and it cost me just under a grand in repairs. My fault.

    We do sleep on her and have about 10 times this summer. With three kids its tight. We love the Sea Ray’s and are considering moving up to a larger one but don’t want to get beyond boats that are semi-reasonable to ski behind.

    The 260DA and 280DA are the two I’m considering. Used but in good shape.

    Also, I’ve been posting back and forth with Jim (BOE) on another forum. We have a GPS/Chartplotter now but on the next boat I want radar for safety. We boat at night and have come across too many fishermen with no lights. Also unlit buoys are difficult to spot.

    We need to get the boat first so I know how much room I have. I think I pretty much have my mind made up. The Raymarine C80 with the small 18†dome closed array + GPS + some local charts. Looks like about a $3 grand package.
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