1. J

    1998 Searay Sundancer 500 project boat with new engines only 60k

    Fire selling a 1998 Searay Sundancer 500. The boat was maintained with an OPEN CHECKBOOK, and WAS in immaculate condition until we pulled it to get the engines rebuilt. (Only one engine needed work because a dock hand put GAS in the tank. We rebuilt both - remember open checkbook). The engines...
  2. forseti

    525 / 500 DA Owners Thread

    hi, i did not find this thread (if it exsit please delete) so let's start: 1.i'm looking for a new steering wheel (mod. 2005, the old one is looking like from a old van) did somebody have a alternativ model? 2. i like to see some fotos from sun-canvas for the backseats.:smt101 greetings...
  3. G

    PURCHASE HELP! 52DA w/Mans vs 60DA

    We are currently in the market for a new boat (finally), and it has come down to either a 2006 52' sundancer with the T-698 MAN engines OR a 2007 60' DA. My family's thought is that the 52 is a capable boat for extended cruising and quick weekend trips, and that the 60 is more suitable for...