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  • May 4 2019 you commented about towing your 310 with your "2000 F350 7.3.''

    Mine is a 1999 and I'm making offers on a 320 (14k weight, 11'5" beam). We're in southern California so we'll encounter large hills in almost any direction we tow.

    What's been your experience with your towing combination?

    My truck tows our boat just fine. I did bullet proof the transmission, and have a tuner on it. I haven't had any issues where I felt my truck isn't big enough.
    Hi Greg,
    i was reading one of your post and seen the one on trailer measurements. i have the same boat and working with Tuff trailer i was wondering how they did and if you would share the measurements you had?
    I decided to go with a different manufacturer. I didn't like the way Tuff Trailers was being with me.
    Once I told them to go ahead they then told me that I would have to set the trailer up for my boat myself, including moving the axles.
    I ended up buying from Loadmaster in Port Clinton, Ohio, and am I glad that I did.
    They were very close in price, and they have the measurements for our boat.
    Small world isn't it? I'm 2nd generation union electrician, and have an uncle and cousin that were as well.
    I'm from Phoenix local 640 as that's my home town, but I've lived here in Washington for t least 15 years.
    I've worked with several local 3 members over the years.
    I'm in my 29th year of doing this.
    On another note, I was thinking about your trip and your going to be so excited at the Airman's run Thursday morning. Hearing them singing before you can see them really gets your blood pumping.
    Have a good trip.
    Greg, I was just viewing your profile and found that we have more in common. My oldest son is an Electrician local 3 here in NY with the NYPD Funny huh?
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