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  • We acquired our Sea Ray 380DA 'Goliard II' October 2013, so we are new players in the land of power. 'Goliard II' did a trip to Monterey in May. We have a Pillar Point Cruise planned with the EYC September 5-7, 2014. Our boat stays in Emery Cove Marina, Emeryville CA. To outline the difference moving to power, the Slocum 43 took 16-18 hours to make Monterey from home, and could round trip on 20-30 Gallons of diesel. The Sea Ray 380DA took 5.5 hours, and with Santa Cruise and Monterey overnights used 347 Gallons of fuel round trip. The kicker for me was, I was able to operate the boat easily, by myself, without breaking my back. The Sea Ray took the endurance aspect away, and I had energy to go for a walk and go out to diner in Monterey. We made extra stops in Santa Cruise and Half Moon Bay. All in all the extra fuel expense paid for itself in reducing my work load and adding time to poke around and do stuff in each port of call. I am not hating the 'Sea Ray Lifestyle'.
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