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  1. lisatim3640
    We are looking to purchase a Sundancer 450 460....what year did the hardtop become available
  2. John Aikenhead
    John Aikenhead
    Location; Beamsville Ontario Canada
  3. Dave Mauger
    Dave Mauger
    Friday night at the marina
  4. Alan R Cook
  5. Jeff Sutton
    Jeff Sutton Korkie
    My SR is in Guardian Mode, I read one of your posts indicating you can buy a diagnostic system to id fault codes, where would I go to find that system?
    1. Korkie
      Jeff - There are computer systems out there. I just have the download from Mercury of the Smart Craft manual that has the codes in it. I have it in a pdf, send me your email and I will send you the file. My email is
      Jul 10, 2020 at 6:30 AM
  6. 1967 srv 230
    1967 srv 230 ZoomDFW
    Do you still have this boat?
  7. bjboater
    Member of the 310 Amberjack Mafia
  8. 1995370
    1995370 JimG
    By any chance do you still have the pdf wiring diagram for the 1995 sundancer?


  9. Comocean
    Looking for a Bimini for 2001 sundancer 240
  10. Dixon Precision
    Dixon Precision
    Lofrans progress 1 pressure finger for 8mm and 9mm stud versions.
  11. Brent L Inman
    Brent L Inman
    pulling carpet, cutting foam out and removing gas tank
  12. Beth Trusley
    Beth Trusley JVM225
    Was cruising along and just eased the throttle forward. All of a sudden the boat died. Tried to restart but when turn the key – nothing. No sound, no click – the gauges do not move when turn the key.
    The blower, bilge pump and radio work. Both batteries have power.
    I checked the oil and it is not low. has gas

    Any suggestions? Thank you in advance
    1. JVM225
      Sounds like an electrical/electronics problem. Check your electronic ignition.
      Jul 6, 2020 at 6:25 PM
  13. Krummy Time
    Krummy Time
    I want to change my lights out to blue led. Any ideas?
  14. Melissa Pape
    Melissa Pape KevinC
    Hello I'm interested in a plate for a raymarine215. Can you contact me at
  15. Captinjack99
    1997 sea ray 250 sundancer
  16. UmpWife34
    Excited new (to us) boat owners looking for any tips or suggestions on maintaining a 2007 310 Dancer.
  17. Brent L Inman
    Brent L Inman mdwaller
    don't know if you're active on here or not... but have the exact boat and doing a referb. Would love to ask a few questions.
  18. V.S.M.
    Happy with the first Sea Ray
  19. Joshua davis
    Joshua davis
    Always working on something...
  20. BigDog9721
    BigDog9721 CSR_Admin
    how do you embed an image in a signature or a post? i can't seem to get it right!!!
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