Your Tax Dollars!

Discussion in 'The Tiki Bar' started by dwna1a, Oct 14, 2012.

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    Just a idea of your tax dollars at work.... President O is it town with the family, he is staying at AB's corporate house. Wifey didn't want to go to the gym (right next door) so they moved the gym to her, paying a contractor big bucks to get this done. Next the President wanted to practice his speech and debat skills outside, so the payed to have a 12' wall to be built enclosing the back areas for the home. CG has a cruiser stationed behind the and fast boats running from Jamestown Island to the Newport News line. Privite chiefs from CW and Kingsmill. All the talk about budget cuts and getting spending....that's just it, it's all talk
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    Somehow i just don't see Ann being the diva that Michelle has grown accustomed to. And I do believe Ann has been proud to be an American long before it became politically correct to be so.

    Obama comes to Asheville and every time makes a beeline for 12 Bones for ribs. Romney comes and makes time to go visit with Billy Graham before going directly to his rally.
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    Barry and his babe have no class and could care less the money they spend. He'll be gone is a few months I hope.

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