You had to know it was coming....

Discussion in 'The Tiki Bar' started by Gofirstclass, Jan 2, 2018.

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    Prince Charming a Sex Offender??

    I guess we all had to know this was coming. In the world wide effort to erase all the sins that men have committed, a Japanese feminist activist, Kazue Muta, has come out with a report that labels the princes in the Disney movies Sleeping Beauty and Snow White as Sex Offenders. She bases this on the fact that, in both movies, the princes awaken the princesses with a kiss. She calls that an unwelcome sexual assault on unconscious victims.

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    While she is at it.....what's her opinion on Bugs planting an unwanted kiss on Elmer?

    What is she proposing....cartoon jail?

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    Words fail me....

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    It's a damn Disney movie.. I wouldn't be surprised at all at this point if Disney erase those movies because one small group found them offensive

    I'm so tired of this hyper sensitive world now. I'm certainly not saying real sexual offenses are ok, but now we can't even look at a woman without being questioned. I refuse to be alone with any female co-workers now, noway!! Not worth it. One false accusation can ruin your life

    These are the same liberal people that want to erase our history
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    Jessica_Rabbit_Shellfx.png This is Jessica she's into rabbits
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    She has no real life......
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    C'mon...we all know Pepé Le Pew was the original stalker & sexual predator.

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    "I'm not bad...I was just drawn this way." One of the greatest toon lines ever!

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