Would you rather? Formula 26BR or 270 SunDeck

Discussion in 'Sport Boats' started by SeaNile, Aug 8, 2016.

  1. SeaNile

    SeaNile Member

    Aug 16, 2010
    West Chester, PA
    2005 Sea Ray 270 SunDeck w/496
    Mercruiser 496 MAG
    Think it's down to these two boats. Both 2005, both with 496 engines. Formula has 155 hours and 270 has 360. The 270 is in much better condition, very well cared for no issues, pretty much ready to go. The Formula is a trade in, slightly rough condition, needs a really good cleaning, compound and waxing and I'm not sure it will ever look as good as the 270.

    I noticed the Formula has a deeper V and therefore is more tender on the hook. Looks to be an amazing boat at cruise but anchoring and swimming it may rock a bit more on anchor.

    Formula is $1,500 less money and it's local with a painted bottom which is a plus for me.

    Sea Ray would need to be shipped to me for about $1,000. No bottom paint so I would need to do that myself.

    So, thoughts on these two boats???
  2. paulswagelock

    paulswagelock Well-Known Member

    Oct 25, 2010
    2018 SDX 270 OB 300 Verado
    Verado 300
    Very different hulls. The formula will handle rough water much better if that is important to you. I think the rocking while still will be negligible between them. It will also handle sportier.
    The formula might be a slightly higher build quality, but that is a bit subjective and model year dependent sometimes.

    Both good boats and could serve well dependent on use.
  3. Vince_nj1

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    Aug 25, 2008
    North Barnegat Bay
    2006 320 V-Drives 6.2s, Bow Thruster, Generator, Raymarine C80, Radar, Fish Finder
    6.2 Horizons 320HP
    Both brands are solid boats. My feeling is that Formula may be a better build quality, their pricing seems to reflect that. However not being familiar with either model there are a few things to consider. Seating arrangements. Looks like the Sea Ray has seats that swivel around which would be nice when anchored. Size / access to bathroom. Is one better than the other? Similar toilets? Porta Potti or vacuflush? Do either have a stainless steel windshield? Are the electronics similar? Are stereos similar? Stereo remote control from stern? Are their speakers in stern? Do both have trim tabs? Are they both closed cooling?
  4. Big Island Lifer

    Big Island Lifer Active Member

    Feb 1, 2010
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    I'm a sucker for the Formula build and perceived strength in heavy seas. However the Sea Ray maybe more family friendly.

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  5. BleednBlue

    BleednBlue Member

    Jul 22, 2015
    Lake Of The Ozarks
    270 SLX
    Merc. 496 MAG Bravo III
    I do not care for the Formula 26br floor plan. IMO there is too much stern seating on the helm side. I also do not like there is no captain seat opposite of the helm. Just seems like I would be constantly tinkering with trimming when loaded down with guests.

    I like floor plan symmetry - just looks better to me.
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  6. SeaNile

    SeaNile Member

    Aug 16, 2010
    West Chester, PA
    2005 Sea Ray 270 SunDeck w/496
    Mercruiser 496 MAG
    You guys kind of confirmed my gut feeling on this topic. On paper I love the Formula but the layout just seems to favor the boat on the move and not at anchor. I'm comfortable with the SeaRay and the layout really is great for how we use the boat. We are not looking to break any speed records and have essentially zero rough water to navigate. Plus, this particular Formula, although less $ and lower hours, is slightly neglected and I'm not sure can be completely brought up to a 9/10 boat.

    The SeaRay is very well cared for, kept on a high and dry it's entire life and for the past 3 years kept inside as well. The boat really shows incredibly well.

    Thanks again. Slowly making progress towards getting a 270.

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