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  1. colowaterbum

    colowaterbum New Member

    Sep 25, 2009
    2009 Sea Ray 195 sport
    4.6l mercruiser
    I purchased a sea ray 195 sport with a mercruiser 4.2L v6. This is my first time storing a boat for the winter and was wondering if any one could help with a procedure for draining ect.
  2. Lazy Daze

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    Apr 21, 2009
    4.6L... 4.2L... Don't worry - you'll get it right eventually! :grin: PS: It's a 4.3L. Is it carb'd of F.I.? Try to include that in your info, as well. It will make a difference for some questions you may have... like winterizing.

    Just kidding - welcome aboard!:smt001

    You can search on this site for lot's of info. You'll be amazed at how much info is already here. Here's a title-only search I did for "winterize" to get you going:

    You might find some useful info in your manual, too.

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