Winterizing the MX6.2

Discussion in 'Sport Boats' started by SeaBee3, Oct 30, 2007.

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    I've always winterized my own SeaRays against the dealers advice. I recently purchased an '07 260 Sundeck with the MX6.2 MPI Bravo III and any information on this subject would be very welcome as my plans are to continue to do the winterizing myself.
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    Not sure of what other engines/drives you have winterized in the past. I have the 5.0's but am familiar with the 6.2. I had the dealer winterize everything while the boat was under warranty. I would suggest the same to you unless you and your dealer have a very good relationship and the manager knows you are able to winterize the systems properly.

    Now that I'm no longer under warranty. I winterize the engines, head, AC and water systems. I have the dealer do the drives (too cumbersome to take off) and the genset (not sure why yet?). The single 6.2 should really be easy as you will have much better access that I do. Fogging MPI engines is where the debate seems to be nowadays...but searching the board wil also show you views on -50 vs -100, muffs vs. direct to hose, and air vs. pink-all-through...
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    Hey, Thanks for the info. Also, I found the correct forum for this subject. Thanks again.

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