Winterizing 1995 330 DA 7.4L V-Drives

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  1. SkiPharmer

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    Jul 27, 2014
    St. Croix River, MN
    "Apres Ski" is a 1995 Sea Ray Sundancer 330, Twin 454 MerCruiser V-Drives
    Twin 7.4 Liter Mercruisers V-drives

    I have a 1995 330DA with 7.4L Hurth V-drives with Kohler Genny. I bought the boat last August and had impellars, complete igition tune up and carbs rebuilt. Boat runs solid. I am not handy but I do keep up on all the preventative maintence I can. This Fall when I have my marina winterize is there anything else I need to do besides have them winterize all the water systems, AC, etc, change the oil and filter in both engines and genny? Ive always had outdrives to maintain but now I don't. Do i need to do anything with the Hurth V-drives? How often does the oil need to be changed? Any other yearly stuff I should be doing?

    PS. I boat in Minnesota on the St. Croix River so no salt!

  2. Alegria

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    Feb 21, 2009
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    That is all I do for winter lay up. I usually do the water my self. The AC I let the marina do, but it's not difficult you just need to find a simple pump to pump antifreeze in reverse from the bow through hull till it come out of the under water through hull. Still looking to put something together to do this. The AC pump motor is magnetic so the reverse flow of anti freeze is not an issue there.

    For water I drain the tank, then open the hot water heater outlet, let it drain while the pump is running to push out the water. Once empty I by pass the water heater by disconnecting the hot and cold connections and putting them together with a short piece of pex tubing. Then pour in 3 gals into the water take, turn on the water pump and starting in the cabin open each faucet till it runs solid antifreeze. Get all of the them including your fresh water wash down, transom shower, cockpit sink. If you have an ice maker let it cycle a few times with anti freeze, or you can unscrew it pull is out, disconnect the water line and let it run until pushed out all the water.

    That is about it.
  3. rcknecht

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    Mar 23, 2009
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    Anti-freeze in your sink drains, show sump, fwd bilge pump, and waste tank... Drain you Hot water heater before your winterize... Don't forget you no-damp containers.
  4. Molson

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    Aug 5, 2011
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    1997 330 DA
    Twin 7.4 carb V-Drives
    an old bilge pump works great for that.

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