Who are you? What do you do?

Discussion in 'Who's Who' started by Pyrojodge, Oct 30, 2011.

How long have you been boating?

  1. Newbie year or less!!

  2. Rookie 1 to 5 years

  3. Beginner 5 to 10 years

  4. Captain 10 to 20 years

  5. Professional 20 to 30 years

  6. Expert 30 +++ years

  1. islandhopper00

    islandhopper00 Active Member

    Jan 4, 2007
    Lake Norman (Denver) NC
    240 Sundancer
    5.0L 260hp, BIII outdrive
    So Nicky, your saying your a "cuts it" for all these pile its. Cool!
  2. nickysc

    nickysc New Member

    Jul 1, 2007
    Springfield SC
    270se sundancer
    7.4mpi w/BravoIII
    Mike I never thought about it like that. I may delete my post and write a long paragraph explaining how I am 25 yr "pile it". Most of the time, I don't cut it, or pull it, but i always pile it and load it(grin)
  3. topgun1185

    topgun1185 New Member

    Sep 7, 2007
    New Jersey
    2007 44 Sundancer
    QSC 500
    Retired 25 years law enforcement alot of narco and electronic experience. Now back to work again in executive law enforcement. (wife wouldnt let me stay home) Been boating over 25 years on 7 boats including some commercial work. USCG master license. Rebuilt several boats..stringers, barrels of expoxy, replaced over 10 engins, installed many radars, chart plotters, vhf, auto pilots etc. Used to think it was fun! But know i usually cant stand the next day after being in the bilge for an hour.

    Ps I hate typing sorry for the mistakes.
  4. MattH

    MattH New Member

    Dec 2, 2009
    Lake lanier
    '06 320DA
    350 Mercruiser MPI w/ V-drives
    I've worked in corporate aircraft sales- buying and selling, for the last 24 years. Most of what my company deals in are mid -size jets, up through the large cabin airplanes. I'm a newbie boat owner, my current boat, a 2006 320DA/ 5.7 L / 350 MAG MPI is my first boat- and while I think about moving up to a Meridian 391, fact is, this 320 is all the boat I need- it really is perfect for me.
  5. Georgia SeaDawg

    Georgia SeaDawg New Member

    Apr 30, 2009
    Savannah, GA.
    270 Dauntless
    Twin 225 verado's
    In my earlier days, I wanted to start a business that no one had thought about before. I then started geriatricescortservice.com. But that didn't pan out. Now I'm in the healthcare industry. I work in radiology running two business on the outpatient side.

    As for boating, I have been boating for 25 years. Started with small boats in freshwater rivers, then my dad's 74 240, then a few boats on my own. I will never move away from the coast.
  6. psubill78

    psubill78 Member

    Jul 20, 2011
    Lake Michigan (IL/WI border, Southport Marina E Do
    '05 Meridian 368 MY, '11 Baltik BA95 Dinghy. Still a Sea Ray lover at heart!
    8.1L HO Mercruiser (840 horse), 10kw Kohler Genset, Torqueedo 1003 for Dinghy
    33 year old, first year of boating this year :). I suppose that makes me a greenhorn :)

    I'm a consulting systems engineer for a big 'ole tech company most of you know... Focusing on the security side of IT.

    My 6 year old daughter will be able to answer this question when she's older much better... She LOVES boating!
  7. WazzuCMGrad

    WazzuCMGrad New Member

    Oct 30, 2011
    Seattle, WA
    '08 205 Sport
    Merc 5.0L TKS 220HP; Alpha One
    I work with a company that manages industrial, process-based construction projects for clients throughout the country. We are currently focused on the food and dairy industries (since they're about the only ones that still make things here) :) but we also participate heavily in aerospace, recycling facilities, and the occasional environmental project. We are also seeking other opportunities throughout the country; if you manufacture something and are looking for some design/construction support, we could help.

    Growing up in the Puget Sound area, I've been around boats my entire life; have re-charged the love of boating (well, really fishing) with my wonderful 3 1/2 year old son, who now thinks salmon are easy to catch...youth is wasted on the young.

    Our Sea Ray is our 2nd boat since we got back into it about 5 years ago or so. Couldn't have picked a better upgrade.
  8. Bresco

    Bresco Member

    Jan 3, 2011
    Niagara River
    44 Sundancer 2006
    Cummins QSC 500 twin
    I'm a self employed electrical engineer specializing in industrial control systems.

    Been a nerd all my life, married a nerd and have 3 nerd children.

    Lately been a specialist in the 44 Dancer's Q500 engines with maintenance, upgrades and repairs.

    I've been boating for about 18 years now and the wife has been around boats all her life.

    We started with an 18 ft Rinker bowrider, then to a 20 ft Doral, then a 22 ft Malibu Wakesetter (back in the wakeboard competition days), then a 22 ft Malibu Escape (again to compete) , and now proudly have the 44 Dancer. The wakeboard competition days ended a long time ago but still have the Escape. Gotta sell her this spring. Any takers?
  9. Sprint7TW

    Sprint7TW Member

    Nov 30, 2011
    1998 310DA / Vintage 1976 StarCraft Montego.
    5.7 Mercruiser 260HP v drives
    I am one of the newest Sea Ray owners on the forum as I just purchased a new to me 310DA.
    I immediately found this site to see what others have done to their 310 and what problems they are running into. lot's of tips and knowledge here.
    I am now the owner of 4 boats (got to unload some).
    As far as paying for these as the original question was asked, here is what I do.
    WWW.CaninesChoice.com and WWW.UnitedMarketingInc.com
    Thanks for allowing me to be a part.
  10. Pyrojodge

    Pyrojodge Active Member TECHNICAL Contributor

    May 1, 2011
    Lake Erie Ohio
    1989 Sea Ray 340 DA
    twin 454 Mercs
    Happy to have you and all the new guys here... welcome!
  11. VinceR

    VinceR New Member

    Aug 13, 2008
    Shreveport, LA
    UNITED STATES POWER SQUADRON Advanced pilot rating
    Commercial Pilot rating aircraft
    35 years owned machine shop and fabrication shop. Manufactured sawmill machinery.
    Own a Real Estate sales company 40 years
    Last 10 years own a homebuilding company
    Boating over 50 years
    Four sailboats (raced off shore)
    Seven power boats (four sea rays) Current 2001 340
    Owned nine airplanes current Cessna 172
    All this information and a dollar and a half will get you a cup of coffee somewhere.
  12. MonacoMike

    MonacoMike Well-Known Member PLATINUM Sponsor

    Sep 15, 2009
    Indiana lakes and Lake Michigan
    2000 Cruisers 3870
    97 270 Sundancer
    85 Sea Ray Monaco 197
    8.2 Mercs,
    7.4 BII
    260hp Alpha 1
    Welcome Bob! MM
  13. Welcome Bob, He's a friend from BOC and finally saw the light to the darkside. :grin:
  14. MonacoMike

    MonacoMike Well-Known Member PLATINUM Sponsor

    Sep 15, 2009
    Indiana lakes and Lake Michigan
    2000 Cruisers 3870
    97 270 Sundancer
    85 Sea Ray Monaco 197
    8.2 Mercs,
    7.4 BII
    260hp Alpha 1
    Or a new friend. Welcome. Your experience would be welcome in the "What would you do to revive the US economy?" as well as many other areas. MM
  15. Hampton

    Hampton Air Defense Dept TECHNICAL Contributor

    Nov 26, 2006
    Panama City, Fl
    2008 44 Sedan Bridge
    Cummins QSC-500's
    Straight Drives
    I haven't read this thread yet. My name is John and I am a boataholic.
  16. Pyrojodge

    Pyrojodge Active Member TECHNICAL Contributor

    May 1, 2011
    Lake Erie Ohio
    1989 Sea Ray 340 DA
    twin 454 Mercs
    Hello John, just remeber you are not alone! LoL
  17. itsabowtime2

    itsabowtime2 Member

    Jan 12, 2010
    PNW, via TN MI, OH & NY
    Sea Doo GTI SE
    Sea Doo Speedster
    Sea Doo XP
    XP: 717 bored 0.40 over.
    Names Phil. I am the father of two little girls (8 & 5). Husband to one. I work in middle management, construction rental industry. Been boating my entire life, a boat owner for 10 years.
  18. Welcome to CSR Phil, Another Baysinker owner that looked into the Sea Ray light. :smt038
  19. IanBat

    IanBat New Member

    Nov 19, 2011
    Sydney, Australia
    Pro Tournament 36' 1999
    Twin Cummins 5.9L 370hp B Series
    Hi my name is Ian
    Live in Barden ridge a Suburb of Sydney in Australia. Our house is about 2Km from the Nuclear Reactor, hence the 6 toes. The benefit of it is, we are right on the exclusion zone for building. So there are no houses on the other side of the street, and we have uninteruptted bush views. There is a river about 200m below the house, a bush walking track takes you down to a causeway which is the change point, Freshwater to the right, saltwater to the left. Popular swimming hole.
    Have been married to my darling wife for 19 years this year, we have a 16 year old dughter who is now on her car driving 'L's, 1 dog (Black Labrador 20 months) 1 British Blue cat 1 Ragdoll cat.
    I have my own business, spwcialise in Auto Electrical parts, particularly heavy duty electrics, and emergency flashing lights, reverse sftey etc. We deal in the mining industry, transport, earthmoving, marine and road safety. Have a great team of people working with me who all enjoy what they do. We manufacture flashing arrow boards for the Road Construction and saftey industry.
    Through business, I travle to China around 3 times a year, also Europe etc for trade shows.
    Boat wise, have always been around boats. Bought a canoe when I was 17, then a 12' flat bottom aluminium punt, then a 15' open runabout (held for 17years) then an 18' half cabin,(7 years) and now upgraded to the 330 Sundancer, so a whole new learning curve !
    I did correspondence school from 11 years until I joined the Army. My parents became gypsies for that period, we lived in a caravan and were travelling. I picked fruit, and hand cut sugar cane at 14-15. Then as i said 9 years in the army, then 12 months working around as a Plant/Dlesel mechanic before taking on a job as a Workshop Supervisor with 35-40 Staff before being promoted to Service manager with that workshop and 28 branches. Then 12 months with another company in a similar role before branching out on my own.
    Passions - Fshing, Boating, travelling, dining.
  20. FastFred

    FastFred New Member

    Sep 2, 2011
    Ohio River
    1989 340 Sedan Bridge, Raymarine Radar
    454 Mercruisers
    Own a Manufactuer's Rep company, Wife is a Registered Dietitian. I'm 40lbs over weight so do'nt ask her for a diet plan. Been boating in some means since birth, I forced my new parents to take me out on the boat each night so I would quit crying. Late 60's thought 70's built racing engines mainly for Hydroplane racing, won something like 60 Nationals and 2 world titles. Currently have a 50 Ton Masters, owned over 50 boats since 1962 ( most was stuff that would run 80 to 100 plus MPH). Still trying to figure how a Vacuflush really works, I may have to go back to school in Electrical and Plumbing before its over.

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