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  1. WTP07

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    Hey all,

    If someone is familiar with the area, can they point out which of these three is actually Whiskey Island Marina?

    We are heading there next Saturday night. We plan on leaving Leamington and going to PIB on Friday afternoon, spending Friday night in The Bay, then cruising down to Cleveland to catch the Indians game Saturday night.

    I have reservations for Whiskey Island Marina for Saturday, but have never been there before, so any and all naviagation or other advise is appreciated!

    If anyone is going to be either in PIB on Friday, or Whiskey Island on Saturday, I'd be amenable to hoisting a beer or 3 as well!



  2. Buckeye Boater

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    Of the three marinas in the photo, Whiskey Island is the one on the right (east).

    Check out Marinas.com. Click on directory and scroll to the bottom to find marinas in the US/Ohio/starting with W.

    You should see if there is any place to tie up further up the river - somewhere near the Tower City complex. From there you can walk to Progressive Field or to the "warehouse district" for dinner/drinks. Unfortunately I can't provide specifics since we don't get to that area often.

    Heading to the Bay tomorrow - Sorry we will miss you.

    Hope you didn't pay full price for the Indians tickets. They are essentially a Triple-A team this year!

    Enjoy your trip.
  3. Mooner

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    Nov 6, 2008
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    Agree with Buckeye Boater....Whiskey Island Marina is the one on the far (upper) right. IMO, not the best marina on the lake, but decent, and you're only staying for the night, so....
    Geez, you could get a ticket for the Tribe game? I'm shocked! lol
  4. WTP07

    WTP07 New Member

    Jul 16, 2008
    Southwestern Ontario
    1985 Cruisers Inc
    Ultra Vee 336
    T454 Crusaders - 700HP
    Thanks for the replies!

    WIM was recommended by one of my neighbours in the marina, which is why we are going there...

    We don't have tickets for the Indians game yet, I really didn't think it would be a problem to get them there...much like my beloved Jays, they suck this year.:smt021



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