What size gas tank do I have?

Discussion in 'Sport Boats' started by Dennis Traynor, Sep 22, 2017.

  1. Dennis Traynor

    Dennis Traynor New Member

    Sep 3, 2017
    2009 230 Select
    350 Mag, 300 HP, Alpha one
    I recently bought my 2009 230 select used. From the specs I found online I thought it had a 50 gal fuel tank. I've only had it on the water 3 times and each time I ran about 14 to 15 gallons through it each time and the fuel gauge indicated that I had used over 1/4 tank to near 1/2 tank of gas. I downloaded the owners manual from Sea Ray and found conflicting information published there. In the spec table it shows 50 gallons (45 usable) but in the paragraph about the fuel system in mentions a 40 gallon tank. I hate to run it out of gas to find out which is correct.
  2. FastMarkA

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    Jul 12, 2010
    2017 350 CBR
    T-6.2L 350hp w/ B3 and JPS
    Almost every marine fuel tank since the beginning of time has its capacity stamped on the top somewhere, usually by the sending unit connection. Look there and you'll find your answer.

    Also, even with today's technology, marine fuel gauges struggle with accuracy.

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