Wet sounds vs JL audio

Discussion in 'Electronics Q&A' started by Siboatguy, Jan 28, 2018.

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    I just installed my first set of wet sounds xs-808-s running off a bridged jl m 1000/5 in the cockpit. They are getting 200 watts a channel now. All I can say is WOW!!!!! I am blown away! $299 a set at crutch field. So I bought a second set for the bridge! That's half the price of the jl m8's.

    I love jl stuff, however check out "Rockville" amps. I have the six channel ($149) running Polk mm series 6" and now have the 8 channel ($149) to run the wet sounds 808's. My days of running the stereo at 90% power all day are over so for me these amps have held up just fine, especially for the price.

    The subs I have now in this boat are basic and will need replacing to keep up with my improvements. I like the jl w6 series in 10" in the jl sealed box. That should give me the deep bass I want.

    Fusion all the way. The user interface and learning curve is amazing. Super easy to use and the app gives you plenty of freedom. We use a dedicated iPad/iPod instead of streaming from our phones.

    Good luck!
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    I can't comment on other brands, but one of the biggest reasons I purchased a Fusion head unit was that it offered 4 separate zones. You can't play different media on each, but you can control volume, which was important to me.
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    That was the selling point for me also... Additionally it had a HDMI ARC connection which means on ARC compliant televisions, the HDMI will return the audio to the head so you can use the house speakers instead of the tv speakers or added soundbar.
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    Well I had to chime In on this.... on my first boat which was a 290 sundancer it came with 4 Sony 6.5s no amp no sub.... I Immediately got to work I'm not an audiophile by no means but I like a nice sound system... so I did some research and ended up buy a jl audio 6 channel amp 2 pair of wet sounds 6.5s and jl marine 10.... sounded good... 6.5 speakers on there own channel and 2 channels bridged to the sub.... the wet sounds sounded good by far better than the Sony's but to me a little tingy to me... So I bought 2 pair of jl 6.5 mx series and they sounded great to me.... fast forward to now I have a 340 sundancer when I purchased it it already had jl audio speakers but it had the same amp but it has the M series 6.5 with separate tweeters and M series 10 sub... i love the set-up im not gonna change but imho the mx series sounds the best out of all of them.... on a side note everyody listening taste are different and with all the different Genre's of music I would suggest buy the head unit and amp u like... then order speakers from Crutchfield they have great just serve and return policy.... try them all in a real world situation on your boat not on a sound board in a shop... sorry for the long reply

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