Wet Foam under ski locker

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    Oct 22, 2019
    2012 SeaRay 230 slx Fission
    Well let's start off saying ibam brand spanking new here. I am fairly new to boating. Definitely new to boating issues

    As the title says I have water under my ski locker. Anyone who ownes a 2012 230 slx knows that there are some very stupid plugs in the bottom of the ski locker. As much as I tried to always keep things sealed and perfect I was doing a final clean on the boat and wiped out the ski locker and noticed a trail of water followed my rag from the plug ... hmmm let's pop that plug out. Well there is a hole the size of my finger straight down full of water. I I used a rag soaked up all the water and pulled the other plug
    .. yup full of water .. cleaned that up got some heaters and rags and started pulling all the plugs I could find. 8 in total .. 5 dry, 2 wet and one that feels dry but looks like condensation may have got in there so ok in my eyes. (4 plugs in engine bay 4 in ski locker )

    My question is will this dry out ? Will it be fine. Should I just sell the boat burn the boat or fix the boat

    Thanks for anything you offer in advice to this new guy faced with a crappy tuesday

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    IMG_4230.JPG Since no one has responded, I'll simply say that many issues have been caused by wet foam in SRs. In the past this has led to rotten stringers and floors. Maybe SR started using newer rot proof materials to build your 2012 boat. If not, water in that area will lead to serious problems. Even with better materials, water beneath the floor boards is not good and there needs to be a solution developed to prevent its reoccurrence. I'm not familiar with your specific boat. Hopefully others with specific knowledge about this boat will comment.
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