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    I have a 55 ft sadan and in one of the guest room port side there is a stackable washer and dryer that has quit I want to remove it But the door is 22 inch wide with the door frame remove and the washer/dryer is 24 " how in the hell did they do that build the boat around it?. lol what I want to know has anyone else had to removel a wash/Dryer and how did you do it without tearing the walls down ? I can allway take it apart with a saw saw. ??????? any help would be app
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    It sure seems they build around it, when I removed my washer/dryer I had to take out the entire inside frame that the door was attached to. By doing that I was able to slip it out, VERY TIGHT FIT. I would call Searay Tech support and ask them to email the instructions for the washer/dryer removal. 865-971-6250, you’ll need your HIN. When I took out the inside frame I recut the pieces so when I put them back in using screws it was easy. Also, “if” I need to remove it all I have to do is remove the screws to remove the frame.

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    Sawzall, really. Unless you are thinking you ant to save it.

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