Trim Tab switch relays

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    Jul 27, 2018
    98 Trojan 440 Express
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    I decided to change out my dash switches with Bocatech. To make it look uniform, I got away from the standard tab rocker switches. I didn't realize however, how they worked.

    After taking some time, I found that each single push, sent power to 2 different sources. Port up would send power to the starboard solenoid and pump retract. I found DPDT relays on Amazon, and made up my own wiring diagram for how this would work. Also, for a bit of redundancy, I added a finally relay to make sure that if up and down were hit at the same time, it wouldn't send power to both pump retract and deploy.

    I know some purists won't like using non rockers for the tabs, but I kinda went the form over function route here. Thought this might help someone in the future if they are trying to reinvent the wheel as I often do.

    thumbnail-1.jpeg thumbnail-2.jpeg thumbnail-3.jpeg

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